Wii Launch: the View From Japan

The very business-oriented district of Yurakucho isn't Tokyo's most popular weekend destination - especially at 5am. So when a large number of people turn up on the very first train of the Yamanote Line, you can tell something's wrong - or at least out of the ordinary. On Saturday, 2nd December, the Wii launched in Japan - and its draw turned out to be quite remarkable.

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PS360WII4394d ago

No game out there gets you more involed then Wii sports. It's the closes thing to virtual reality by far and is easily Game of the Year! That's right I said it and you can flame me all you want but the fact of the matter is your going to be wrong. You start playing Wii Sports and suddenly you forget about all these other games (Zelda, Gears of War, Final Fantasy XII) They were potential GoY finallists but Wii Sports shows them all that this is how your suppose to play a game

PS360WII4394d ago

Good to see that most of the people shopping for the Wii on launch wanted it for themselves and not trying to resell it. I can't imagine lines that long though! That's just crazy

ChickeyCantor4394d ago

The Wii in japan is cheaper, so to make some money they let them pay for Wii-sports.