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juuken  +   2582d ago
PoSTedUP  +   2582d ago
wow, thats crazy.
juuken  +   2582d ago
I know, that's why I was like :o
PoSTedUP  +   2582d ago
lol, more like : O
chaosatom  +   2582d ago
No Way. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . !
Sign him up for the Movie already!!!
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sonarus  +   2582d ago
lol old snake movie would probably have to be done by a young guy dressed to look old.

On topic of MGS. MGO is wicked fun...but only when you are winning:(
rickjames  +   2582d ago
i just got done playing mgo... it sucks
sexybeast69  +   2582d ago
you just have 0 skills.
Jink  +   2582d ago
I too think it kind of sucks, but that's only because in MGO you can't go Rambo on everyone, if you don't have team is no fun, but with team it could be fun, anyway I like LostPlanet better, don't care for disagrees, but the aiming in LostPlanet is better IMO.
dantesparda  +   2581d ago
That is to funny, comedy! But yeah i agree that MGO sucks if you cant play/suck at it and is good if you can. First day i played i didnt like it, third day i understood it better, and now think it's mad good.
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ThanatosDMC  +   2581d ago
HAHAHHAHAHA... damn, that was funny!
Gondee  +   2581d ago
Who dosnt want the nick name solid snake =)
Homicide  +   2582d ago
NO_PUDding  +   2582d ago
Oh christ, I would have kept that to myself.

Expect a GamesRadar Top 7 Old Snake lookalikes next week......

Angelitos  +   2582d ago
Poor Xbots
Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, they dont undertsand the feeling we have for this snake resemblence thanks to them sticking to their fixme dvd player.

Poor Xbots
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NO_PUDding  +   2582d ago

Surfman  +   2582d ago
hahaha man, you are gonna lose all your bubbles, but at least its funny lol
brothersimon  +   2582d ago
Go WATCH mgs4, droid.
NO_PUDding  +   2582d ago
Too busy playing Metal Gear Online.... Sorry.
spacetoilet  +   2582d ago
That is him! That's Solid Snake! Snaaaaaaaaaaaake!
Dude, a studio or someone has to sign him to a development deal right now lol!
Imallvol7  +   2582d ago
hahaha, awesome. lets stick him in a microwave and see what happens.
Drakol  +   2581d ago
.. sticking things in microwaves should be the solution for EVERYTHING in teh future! Lol ^_^
ud  +   2582d ago
LOL!!!!! They're the SAME
QueefyB  +   2582d ago
very handsome fellow he must be a playstation 3 player
butterfinger  +   2582d ago
AngryTypingGuy  +   2581d ago
Are you saying that you think he's sexy?
kevin1122  +   2582d ago
that is very awesome, it looks just like him.
25  +   2582d ago
that's not snake
its another big boss clone. maybe this one will be the new character in mgs5? lol
IQUITN4G  +   2582d ago
Hehe cool
da7dal  +   2582d ago
pics from MGS5? the bosses facial animation are beautiful
Deios  +   2582d ago
He looks more like Ocelot.
cellypower  +   2582d ago
Good point! He does have the Ocelot nose.
Tacki  +   2582d ago
Yeah, he does look alot like Ocelot as well!

Snake's already been chosen though folks. We all know who it's gonna be and it's not this guy or Bale.

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Jink  +   2582d ago
LOL, cool!
xtreampro  +   2582d ago
that looks nothing like snake
SparkMandrill  +   2582d ago
No no no no no.
You got it wrong. The real snake is one of the characters tha Val Kilmer impersonates in the movie "The Saint " (1997).


It also features octocamo. lol
Tmac  +   2582d ago
Lol, this article + your post = epic win.
l0o0ol  +   2582d ago
Can someone ask him if he got a d!ck ?
25  +   2582d ago
what? why? i mean nevermind don't wanna know. lol
Dogswithguns  +   2582d ago
Snake look A like!
macalatus  +   2582d ago
I smell photoshop here!
macalatus  +   2582d ago
@the disagreers

Holy crap!

Some people just couldn't take a joke! FYI, I genuinely enjoyed MGS4. And yes, the dude (sideways) really looks like Old Snake. Makes me wonder if some girls who looked like the female actors who played "the Beasts" were also present.

To everyone else who took offense...cheer up! MGS4 is a "GOTY" potential but acting all butt hurt about my joke makes you ridiculously no better than the "Halo is Jesus" freaks out there (and you know who you are).
xtreampro  +   2582d ago
why the disagree?, so your trying to say that snake looks like a rotten apple with worms for a mustache
mandrake167  +   2582d ago
amazing!! he should be in the movie!!!
brothersimon  +   2582d ago
Old droid is old.
Tmac  +   2582d ago
The only person failing here is you, with your mediocre internet slang... Kthxbai.
Mozilla89  +   2582d ago
They almost even have the same hairstyle
specialguest  +   2582d ago
This is the real solid snake:

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spacetoilet  +   2582d ago
I'm sorry Aliens is a good film, or is that Terminator 1?
Either way, you FAIL.
Ice2ms  +   2582d ago
Sorry Spacetoilet But U Fail

"Much as Metal Gear began as a pastiche of action movies of the time, Solid Snake began as a pastiche of contemporary action movie heroes. For example, on the cover artwork of the original Metal Gear, he resembles Michael Biehn in The Terminator, and the in-game portrait of Snake in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake resembles Mel Gibson[(who was then starring in the Lethal Weapon movies). Solid Snake was even named after an action movie hero: Snake Plissken, Kurt Russell's character in Escape from New York. Kojima's fondness of Escape from New York meant that later revisions of Solid Snake would show more and more similarity to Snake Plissken."

The First Solid Snake Was Based On That Picture
Mcrmarcher  +   2582d ago
Thats kind of scary, he really looks like snake, weird but cool.
Ghost 0f 0nyx  +   2582d ago
I wonder if that guy even knows. That is pretty sweet. Its been so long since I have commented on N4G, its nice to be back! I have been playing my PS3 nonstop lately and am always looking for friends! MGO FTW.

Add me ---> Ghostofonyx (i know, its a halo reference, but come on. I share the love on all 3 consoles.)
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AZgamerB3yond  +   2582d ago
snaaaaaake!!!! pure awesomeness.....he does look like snake, i just got off a 5 hour mgs4 binge and yes they do look alike!!!
serrels  +   2582d ago
He loves it
The pic was sent to Official PlayStation Magazine Australia (it's in this months issue) into my inbox. I've stayed in contact with the guy who sent it. Apparently he's actually Dutch, and was just in Australia for the wedding.

Supposedly he thinks the whole thing is hilarious.
n00bzRtehgey  +   2582d ago
Tmac  +   2582d ago
It's unhealthy to laugh at yourself that much.
n00bzRtehgey  +   2582d ago
actually, I was laughing at you!
ErcsYou  +   2582d ago
I haven't laughed that hard in a while....... Not at the picture, just the comments..
Everybody having fun on N4G is something i miss( real bad )...
Props to everyone in the Gamer Zone except l0o0ol because that wasn't funny at all. It was actually kinda weird and gross
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