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chaosatom3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Sign him up for the Movie already!!!

sonarus3331d ago

lol old snake movie would probably have to be done by a young guy dressed to look old.

On topic of MGS. MGO is wicked fun...but only when you are winning:(

rickjames3331d ago

i just got done playing mgo... it sucks

Jink3331d ago

I too think it kind of sucks, but that's only because in MGO you can't go Rambo on everyone, if you don't have team is no fun, but with team it could be fun, anyway I like LostPlanet better, don't care for disagrees, but the aiming in LostPlanet is better IMO.

dantesparda3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

That is to funny, comedy! But yeah i agree that MGO sucks if you cant play/suck at it and is good if you can. First day i played i didnt like it, third day i understood it better, and now think it's mad good.

ThanatosDMC3330d ago

HAHAHHAHAHA... damn, that was funny!

Gondee3330d ago

Who dosnt want the nick name solid snake =)

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NO_PUDding3331d ago

Oh christ, I would have kept that to myself.

Expect a GamesRadar Top 7 Old Snake lookalikes next week......


Angelitos3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, they dont undertsand the feeling we have for this snake resemblence thanks to them sticking to their fixme dvd player.

Poor Xbots

Surfman3331d ago

hahaha man, you are gonna lose all your bubbles, but at least its funny lol