Mass Effect Developer interviews + Ingame Footage

This is a really interesting video from 1up that shows in game footage of the Xbox 360 game Mass Effect. The video explores the dialogue system as well as the apparent vastness of the universe you can explore.

Note: This is a few months old but it should still be new to many of you.

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x440Magnumx4369d ago

This video is about 4 months old.... not really news, is it?

Anerythristic264369d ago

I couldn't find it on the site. Has it been posted on N4G?

joemutt4369d ago

But I dont know if it was posted or not. Probably was, its so cool.

rj814369d ago

First time I've seen the video...

I want this game. Now.

specialguest4369d ago

the more video clips i see of this game, the more i grow to obsess over it. i know for a fact that i'll get my hands on this game, one way or another.

beans4369d ago

That was never before seen footage! I wonder how deep this game is going to be and will it be a contender for game of the year!

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The story is too old to be commented.