Metro: The Order: 1886 Review

Beneath the technical wonder this is just a dull, aimless Gears Of War clone – where the attempts at storytelling are just as boring and lifeless as the action.

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Man-Eee-Faces1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

Oh my lord. 4/10? WOW, no wonder the embargo is till the last minute. Still, I am still going to play it once my gamefly rental comes in the mail.

Two-Face1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

I'm holding out for 80+ on metacritic, before buying this game. But this is not even looking like a 70+ game, let alone 80+. This is dissapointing, I guess I will be waiting for Bloodborne as my FIRST ps4 exclusive. Damn it will be a long and boring wait.

The bodybuilder don't want my money I guess. Pessino god damn it.

EDIT: Oh my god, are you guys looking at the metacritic? It might even hit under 60+. Now what the hell, this is a huge shock for me. Maybe i'm too old for this shit, and should retire from gaming.

GundalfDeGrej1068d ago

Don't base your purchases on metacritic or scores in general. Read/watch the reviews and decide for yourself if it's something that's worth YOUR time and money. The game might not be for everyone but I'm sure there are a lot of people who will still have a blast playing through it.

Man-Eee-Faces1068d ago

I keep saying the same thing that $60 is better save for more exciting PS4 games like Bloodborne based on the signs that we are seeing from previews and also a full playtrough video and those that are saying that, including myself, were deemed trolling the game because it is a PS4 exclusive when it is not even the case to begin with. A mediocre game is a mediocre game and what system it is on has nothing to do with it.

Now with all these mediocre reviews out, I feel like a heavy burden is lifted from people that don't think this game is worth our $60.

Insomnia_841068d ago

You are heavily relying on Metacritic to make a purchase or just play a game. From experience, you will be missing on a lot of good games if you go by those scores.

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MrDead1068d ago

So this game is a 10/10 or a 4/10.... reviewers suck.

Blues Cowboy1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

Or reviewers are human beings with different experiences and tastes, writing for different audiences. Just a thought.

The key is to find a reviewer who shares your outlook and follow their stuff IMO

q8kik1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

Different tastes yes, but that doesn't mean that this reviewer should give this WORKING game a 4/10 score.

Malphite1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

Totally agree with that. Still there is no way that this game is a 4/10. That's just pure disrespect towards everyone that has worked on it.

Admittedly I've just started the game and played for about an hour and a half but the attention to detail as well as the atmosphere in this game is awesome so far. It would need to fall of a very high cliff to come in an area where a 4/10 would be a remotely acceptable score.

Blues Cowboy1068d ago

@q8kik & Malphite: I agree with the sentiment but it depends on the review criteria/rating schemes of the particular site - a 4/10 on one outlet might equate to a 6 or even 7 elsewhere. Comparing reviews from different reviewers together can be fun, but it's kinda unhelpful at least in my opinion.

Malphite1068d ago

This just shows how useless metascores are.

masa20091068d ago

All of the good reviews are from fan sites, get real.
Sorry but that's just the truth.

Caffo011068d ago

at least we know those fan sites aren't paid, those are onest opinions for sure.

mhunterjr1068d ago

Reviews are just opinions... And this game simply isn't garnering a consensus...

TheGreatGamer1068d ago

I'd say 6/10 on average, where have you seen 10/10 though?

MrDead1068d ago

Sorry just rounding it off, I just wanted to point out that reviews are very erratic.

Judge a game by your own experence not someone else’s...... I never thought you guys would take it so seriously.

nidhogg1068d ago

you're too butthurt just wait for Bloodborne.

MrDead1068d ago

um?.... my anus if fine, thank you for your concern and interest in my balloon knot.

Neonridr1068d ago

that's why you are a big enough person to make up your own mind and not let the big bad bullies tell you what to like/hate.

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Pozzle1068d ago

Ouch. I was not expecting to see scores this low :(

Edward751068d ago

Same, I just looked on meta (to read more reviews) and some major sites have it at 50 OR LOWER! Never expected these bad of scores.

Gamespot 50
Egm 45
Giant bomb 40!

This will be a buy from gamestop in two months. It will sell well enough to have a major discount about that time, used. It looks great, I will play it, but not at 60 bucks. To much to leave to chance if I will enjoy it as much!

Ultraplayerxp1068d ago

4/10 should be a broken game shouldn't it? And please don't criticize its 'attempt' at storytelling and say its trying to be a gears of war clone. That really just puts your 'narrative' expertise in question.

LightofDarkness1068d ago

No, below 4 is broken. 4 is just bad. Pretty much as bad as a game can get without being broken. I reckon the visual pinache saves it from being a 4, personally, it is at least technically impressive.

mhunterjr1068d ago

Metro, is a pretty tough reviews. Generally you'd think 4/10 constitutes a broken game... But these review sites very greatly on how they weigh their scales...

Ultraplayerxp1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

I never expected the order to get by only on its technical merits. But I expected more. I guess being a polished cinematic spectacle with an actual story can only get you so far -- a 4, apparently.

Bundi1068d ago

So on a scale of 1 to 10, 4 is broken? What kinda games deserve 1 to 3 then? Empty boxes? 5 is halfway through 10 so how in the world can 1 less than half be broken?

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