Deputy Shoots and Kills Suspected PS3 Robber

The PlayStation 3 frenzy took a deadly turn this past Friday when a sheriff's deputy for New Hanover County (NC) shot and killed a man suspected of robbing a UNCW student of two of the consoles. The shooting and the circumstances surrounding it have left many in the area puzzled.

The story began on November 17: the US launch date of the highly anticipated PS3 console. On that day, UNCW student Justin Raines purchased two PS3 consoles from Wal-mart along with a few games. When Raines arrived back at his on-campus apartment, he was attacked with a blunt object by two men and his prized merchandise was stolen.

Officers reviewed surveillance camera footage from the Wal-Mart and investigated several leads given to them. After the invesigation, the decision was made to serve Peyton Strickland and Ryan David Mills with arrest warrants on charges of breaking and entering, robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

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MicroGamer4369d ago

Cops raid suspected PS3 thieves home with guns blazing. Film at 11.

Dick Jones4369d ago

Don't want to get shot, stop acting like an ******* and breaking the law.

Don't want to deal with racist minorities, don't shoot a minority even if he's raping your sister.

Maddens Raiders4368d ago

are you talking about dude? Your avatar is in overdrive right now if it's a true representation of the author. The cops were wrong here when they shot a white kid for stealing a stupid console - just as they were wrong to shoot the black guy at his batchelor party in Brooklyn 50 times a few days ago. Are you just being another ignorant racist or are you being sarcastic?

a/w this entire event is simply TRAGIC. For all parties involved tragic - and puts a black eye on gaming. Take a rip for the poor bstrds involved.


untouchable4369d ago (Edited 4369d ago )

Dont blame it on the citizens. Blame it on the goverment. Why is USA spending billions of money each day in the War? Why cant they worry about their own people first? Why cant George Bush see that there are people in the USA thats struggling to live also? Stop trying to give Iraq freedom George Bush! instead give USA a freedom!

ChickeyCantor4369d ago

they dont care about freedom of iraq, they care about OILLLL L L L L LLLLL L L.

evrything thats going on right now is planned USA is corrupt.

anyway lets stay on topic shall we?

scriptkiddie4368d ago

You have no idea what you are talking about. Sounds like the talking script from to bad you are unable to think for yourself.

THAMMER14369d ago

People teach kids to have poor values and no respect for others. Parents are the reason kids turn out bad and with low since of love or care for all people no matter their color or family back ground. Get a clue DI(KJONES.

Dick Jones4368d ago (Edited 4368d ago )

but are you trying to imply the cops should have shot his parents instead? If they did, the cops would have to make sure they blew his mother's head clean off in front of him. Just to make sure he got the message and could tell everyone else the cops aren't fracking around.

joemutt4369d ago

Talk about being caught red-handed, he had the controller in his hand!! Thats funny, he probably sold the other one on Ebay.

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