Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale Starts Early for Xbox One and Xbox 360

An Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale set to start on February 18 has gone up early for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games where you can get up to 85% off on some titles.

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crazychris41241281d ago

Think I might grab Alien Isolation. Will be only $24 when on sale and I just cover it with my $25 in credit.

Unspoken1281d ago

All of these Gold sales are some of the best digital prices I've seen. I'm picking up so many titles and don't have to worry about trade ins what so ever. Thoroughly impressed it competes with Steam pricing.


Do you work for MS or something?

N81281d ago

I wouldn't be able to type that without laughing. That takes some balls bar since steam lmao

DragonKnight1281d ago

"Thoroughly impressed it competes with Steam pricing."

Ok, I'm definitely not a PC gamer, but I know for a fact that this is a lie.

Unspoken1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

Wait, you are not a PC gamer but you know for a fact? smh

Take a look at this thread and see the discount pricing from both the previous EA sale and the Ultimate Gaming Sale starting this week.

Steam still has the edge but this is unexpected from consoles. Both sales were available to all Live members while Gold provided an additional discount. I fully expected to see high pricing carry over from last gen. This has been very valuable to Xbox owners and I hope this extends over to the PS4.

DragonKnight1280d ago

@Unspoken: You know what's really funny? This.

"Steam still has the edge but this is unexpected from consoles."

Steam still has the edge. Do you know what that means? It means that my statement was correct and you smacked your head for nothing. Maybe think first, then type. Could work out in the future.

alldayplay1280d ago

If a product has an edge over another, it doesn't mean they arent competitive with one another. Where did you come up with this conclusion? It seems your statement is false as he is not lying. Maybe you should learn about logic before trying to teach people about falicies.

SlapHappyJesus1280d ago

I started reading this and I got a whiff of sarcasm from the post.
I get to that last sentence to find I was correct.

Bubble up for funny but not really #whatworlddoyoulivein

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iNFAMOUZ11281d ago

alien isolation is a great game, you wont regret it, i havent finshed it at all, barely at the part where your looking for a doctors key or something, taking my time, its a gorgeous game

Muzikguy1280d ago

Alien isolation is totally worthy. Best game of last year IMO

sd111280d ago

It is a great game, with great atmosphere. If you are a fan of the movies then this adds nicely to the story. For me it is one of the best movie tie ins I have played, whilst also having a standalone story that allows it to be enjoyed by newcomers.

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Hugo_I1281d ago

Old News - They don't even have the web page screenshot.

marlinfan101281d ago

It's not the same story. This one's saying some of the games went on sale early and the one you linked is just a list of the games from before the sale started.

2pacalypsenow1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

60% off the Master chief collection :-O i looked in the store and the halo collection is still 59.99

Nirvana315911281d ago ShowReplies(2)
jackanderson19851281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

MCC is a weekend sale, some games are up early but others dont start till later

BallsEye1280d ago

Lords of the fallen 85% off!! Damn , it's like giving it free.

DragonKnight1280d ago

It's because the game is painfully boring.

ziggurcat1280d ago

Yeah, people who may be on the fence with this one should pick it up for that price.

Satyre281281d ago

Can anyone recommend Lords of the Fallen? It comes to around 10 bucks i think. Also seems like the perfect time to pick up MCC. Gonna get Sniper Elite 3 as well. Some great deals here, surprisingly good actually.

lemoncake1281d ago

Personally I didn't like it but If you like games like dark souls then it's probably worth it, especially considering the price.

Mulletino1281d ago (Edited 1281d ago )

Definitely worth 10 bucks. Good graphics and combat. Same controls and premise of dark souls.

Satyre281281d ago

Hey thanks, i think im gonna pick it up. I already have a huge backlog but hey for 10 bucks i dont think i can pass it up. Thanks for the info, much appreciated!

ThatOneRiggaNob1281d ago

Lords of the Fallen went from 60 dollars to 9 dollars.... Good thing I waited.

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