Iwata says Nintendo didn’t expect the amiibo scalper situation to happen

NE: "Ever since the first wave of amiibo released, some consumers have been forced to deal figures that have received little stock, creating the scalper situation. amiibo like Marth and Villager have generated large prices on auction sites such as eBay."

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SavageKuma1371d ago

Well it did and they should be happy. The customs are amazing.

Cindy-rella1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

I cant believe anyone would be gullible enough to believe Nintendo. They did the same thing with wii and wii u along with several games. Nintendo wants to create demand for these amiibos and its working. Im wondering if a lot of the Nintendo fans are sick of hearing the excuses because Nintendo is notorious for using them. It sucks that diehard fans have to pay the price and are punished for liking Nintendo

Baka-akaB1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

I dont believe it either . There are too many cases in the figurines/toy world where manufacturer quickly rectify short supplies to fill an overwhelming demand .

One recent ? After the Guardians of the Galaxy movie'success , plenty demanded two specific toys that werent planned or available enough , dancing groot and Gamorra figurines . It didnt take more than a month for those to appears .

Nintendo sure maybe underestimated the rageing success of the Amiibos , but they could have rectified short supplies better , if they werent happy with the hype it create .

most companies in their shoes would communicate and message about the situation days after noticing it ... not reacting months later like "ohh my i'm so surprised and shocked that it sold so much !!!" , while in parallel preparing a limited edition of amiibos

Neonridr1371d ago

@Cindy-rella, aside from having to pay a little bit of a premium for Rosalina and Lucario (Target and Toys R Us exclusives) every other Amiibo I have gotten by preordering through

I am not punished because I actually take the time to source them out and order them paying only the regular price. People that skip out and wait until it's too late have nobody to blame but themselves.

jholden32491371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Nintendo shipped nearly 6 million amiibos in the first 60 days.

That doesn't exactly scream "intentional shortages" to me.

In fact, amiibos were available for a solid MONTH without anything selling out. That was before the scalper/collector hysteria. So it seems to me there was plenty stock- 6 million deep, but once scalping was involved that's when everything started selling out immediately.

And even with the scalping, there's at least 10-15 amiibos in stock right now at every retailer you look. I've managed to secure every single amiibo released to date directly from retailers, as have many others

3-4-51371d ago

I would think 6 Million Amiibos would have been enough for the demand.

I guess there is a lot more demand, which is good for Nintendo.

They can take some of that Amiibo Money, and put it into future games.

wonderfulmonkeyman1371d ago

Not surprising that they didn't expect it considering sales of the Wii U.
When there's more haters than lovers, you tend to underestimate demand of some of your cooler ideas.

Hopefully they learn a lesson from this and keep at least a moderate amount of stock of Amiibos in the future.

rawrock1371d ago

Well they obviously do not mind, and like that it is happening. Otherwise they would produce more stock instead of keeping some super rare and certain store exclusives. I dont believe they are shocked by this when they created the super rare amiibo situation to begin with.

vikingland11371d ago

If people are dumb enough to pay scalper prices then they deserve what they get.

higgins781371d ago

I don't imagine they did anticipate it, but now it exists...please anticipate the 4th and 5th wave figures with more stock. I'm buying because I've gamed with Nintendo since the SNES. I'm NOT buying because I'm some gollum (well, sort of), buy low sell high.

rawrock1371d ago

Well they are doing it on purpose. They saw how the first two waves went, but yet still decided to make Toad super rare in the next wave thats coming. They know exactly what they are doing...

higgins781371d ago

Paranoia much? You say they (Nintendo) know exactly what they are doing, but do you really know this for a fact? Believe me - as frustrating as it is, there is more than just 1 reason for Amiibo's not being in constant supply as we would like. Get a grip will you, because at the end of the day you can acquire all the Amiibo you like with a little patience and planning...sadly I possess none of these 2 virtues.

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