Nintendo preparing one run limited edition amiibo

NE: "If you weren’t already concerned about the stock situation surrounding amiibo, perhaps that will change soon."

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BattleAxe1009d ago

Hey, that's just like they did with the gamecube adapter....

TotalSynthesisX1009d ago

No kidding. It's been, what, three months now?

gg nintendo

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1009d ago

And almost every other thing that people actually want from them, but get beaten to it by scalpers...

I almost think Nintendo is buying their own shit then re-selling it.

obmas1009d ago

nintendo knows basic supply and demand. they have the capability to make lots but they dont because they know idiots will buy anything that is deemed "limited". it is the only reason why they are popular

skylanders never sell out because there are so much stock. but has much more playability than these amiibos

Captain_Wormy1009d ago (Edited 1009d ago )

And Nintendo wonders why there's scalpers..."Hey let's make just one run of limited edition amiibos that people are OBVIOUSLY going to buy and sell 'em at a higher price so the rest of the boffins are shit outta luck!" "Ah gee wizz man that sounds bitchin'. Great idea."

1009d ago
jmcmurra91008d ago

Regular amiibos are already hard to find, these limited edition ones will probably be like trying to find a holographic Charizard card.... in 2015.