The Order Backlash: Proof Gamers Today Hate Linearity?

Is all this hate directed at the supposed shortness of The Order: 1886 an example of gamers hating on linear games? Is the open-world concept "better?"

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nidhogg1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Frankly, it's not linearity but the gameplay we are worried of. Also, how do they expect us to buy a game with such a short length and minimum reason for replayability? Higher difficulties? Collectibles? Easter Eggs? People defending this game are blind idiots.

jonny2by41397d ago

You could call the people hating on the game idiots. Why do they care if the gameplay is flawed or the game is short? Most of them have no intention buying the game, let alone playing it.

nidhogg1397d ago

I agree! Half of them won't even BUY the game! Let's be honest for a sec, MAYBE, despite my doubts on this game, I'll buy it if it proves to have good reviews. If the story is good. But if its just another mediocre game then it's straight to rental for me.

Cindy-rella1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

The Order backlash: proof a lot of gamers today hates linearity when their system of choice is weak or cant handle something like the order 1886 so theyll rather hate on what is common in the gaming industry.

The order 1886 is the best looking game on any gaming system and a lot of haters cant handle that. Theyd rather nit pick on anything to try to denigrate the game that isnt on their system of choice

I have this game and ive played over 10hours of it already and i can say its amazing. Most people that act concerned and want to seem wary are silly fanatics for other gaming consoles. Weve seen gameplay and story elements of the game which looks good to amazing and not anything bad. In this day and age we already know that most controls for games will be very tight and good especially on a triple A game and by experienced developers so people can stop silly fears. The game is over 10hours long if youre not trying to speed run through and it has a good story with hood gameplay mechanics.

It seems like most people only worry about linearity or open world when it comes to sony exclusive titles. All of a sudden normal game trends needs to innovate when it comes on to sony exclusives. I dont like open world games a lot of times because theres often a lack of focus. I like a bit of open areas but not a full sandbox game.

GMR_PR1397d ago


"The Order backlash: proof a lot of gamers today hates linearity when their system of choice is weak or cant handle something like the order 1886 so theyll rather hate on what is common in the gaming industry. "

Ok how old are we?

vishmarx1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

99% of the people who intend to buy the game arent the ones hating it.
its these bedroom journalists looking for cheap hits that are spreading endless hate.and theyre not gamers.

im not saying everything about the game is amazing, but god damn has the judgement been so premature.
the length is only a new excuse. the game has been bashed from day before you go calling people idiots, tell me how its so much worse than most games like this? why the hell is it being singled out from the second its first gameplay pic was revealed?

every 3rd article on n4g is an order hate article, do yo honestly believe all this hate is legitimate and deserved?
no its f***** ridiculous.
best part i the game isnt even out, hack it doesnt even have a single review out.
all of a sudden, qte's, single player, cinematic presentation ,linearity is the bane of the industry and no cares about the story, soundtrack, gameplay, visuals, performance , bugs etc.

i just hope this is the start of a new evaluation system for the games because MCC still sits with glaring 9/10 scores. evolve just got tons of 9s with 100+$ worth of dlc and no offline play etc.
it just seems everything that forces online and is dude bro is the only 'right' kind of game these days.
so yeah f*** these reviewers and journalists. mgr was 4hours and it was the bet $60 i spent that year.

yes the order might me a mediocre game in the end but is this the kind of hate mediocre games get?
its an obvious hate campaign and the game is being punished for everything most games are forgiven.

so no, youre the only idiot for calling people idiots ho wish to defend their choice, especially when the damn game isnt even out an its already the most hated game ever for apparently no special reason

GMR_PR1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )


There's been hate since the beginning of this generation, only difference is now is directed to a Sony product. But if you rewind to a year or so ago, anything XBO was being hated with the same passion. The hate and the trolling have always been part of N4G community, but you guys are playing victim card now because its directed to Sony, that's all. Me I could care less I called as I see it regardless of what company or console it is.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

I'm not a blind idiot for defending this game, and you are none to judge people.

What I find funny is that The game is being criticized by some stuff other games have been doing for a while and no complain about them. Lineality? What about TLOU, Biochock...? QTES? plenty of games do that already. Short? Ha! Plenty as well.

God forbid an exclusive for suffering from something 3rd party games have. Gimme a break. The Order isn't the only exlcusive which have been trough this either.

The another article had dome good reasons about why give the game a try. Stealth, puzzles, shooting, great story, ect. What about that? Are you gonna call everybody who like the game an idiot? But this game is being trashed when it's not even released, and we are the idiots? Not the haters nick-piking to hate it?

Mind Blow!!
As always, people will always lean more on the negative side than the positive. And it's a shame the negative articles are highly overshadowing the positives. We as gamers should be rotting for the success of Video games, companies, and brand.

The fanboys themselves are the ones hurting the industry to the point articles and daily hate like in The Order will affect sales and reception.

GMR_PR1397d ago

"What about TLOU, Biochock...? QTES? plenty of games do that already. Short?"

All the games you mentioned are last gen games. This is supposed to be a Next Gen (current Gen) game made for the most powerful console ever made... remember?

Aloy-Boyfriend1397d ago


that makes no sense.Titanfall used a Source Engine even for the most powerful machine, PC... remember?

SoapShoes1397d ago

GMR, your point being? I guess you have hated ALL next gen games? Dead Rising 3, Forza Horizon 2, TitanFall, inFamous, Sunset Overdrive, etc all are the same games we've been playing.

I hope you're going to be singing the same tune for Bloodborne, Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Uncharted 4, etc because they don't do anything not possible on previous gen other than better graphics.

GMR_PR1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )


Dead Rising 3: didn't like the game, although it wasnt linear at all.

Forza Horizon 2: great game with great amount of replayability (if that is a word)

TitanFall: Great multiplayer did not care much for it since it didn't have any single player campaign

inFamous: really repetitive game.

Sunset Overdrive: the only current gen game I really enjoyed. Lots of replayability.

The Order: 5 - 7 hours campaign, very low replayability. No multiplayer, no side quests, very linear gameplay etc... Of all the games you mentioned The order takes the cake on not doing anything new besides great graphics. So that's that.

As for future games you mention Halo 5 its the same old same old... Game should be put to sleep.

Bloodborne look interesting.

As far as UC4 and Tom Raider haven't seen much of them.

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shallowpoint1397d ago

I think the idiot would be the guy who judges before a game comes out or before playing said game!!!

Jaqen_Hghar1397d ago

Gameplay looks fine. Looks like a solid cover shooter with some crazy weapons which will add some fun factor to a serious tone. Production values are obviously top notch and a man gets more out of SP linear games hours wise than any online MP game EVER. Simple comparison is daytime TV to a great film. You can watch the film over and over and it never gets old because it's QUALITY entertainment. Daytime TV always has new content (like MP matches) but it's all pretty much the same and it doesn't have the narrative of film to get you drawn in. A man recognizes this isn't everyone's thoughts just like your stance isn't everyone's and we should not say "it doesn't have MP and it's not open world so it's not worth $60."

Let's be real here though if this were multiplatform it wouldn't get near this much hate it's just the fact that it's Playstation exclusive and people would like their pointless drivel "PS4 haez no gaemz!" and "Xbox has a better lineup" to be true when, once again, opinions are their own. Go spend your $60 on a MP game that a man would get bored with in 2 days like he always does with online MP. A man will spend his $60 on a game he will always be able to go back and enjoy just like he does with Uncharted, Sly, Jak, Ratchet, Heavy Rain, Beyond 2 Souls, Infamous, and many more SP experiences (don't play MP mode on any of those that have MP). You want them to throw in 200 feathers or flags to collect like AC so that they can say it's 20+ hours if you have to boringly go around picking things up? How about they take away all the checkpoints so you have to replay 30 minute sections again like Dark Souls so they can say it has 100 hours of content? No thanks (coming from someone who has platinumed a game in both of those series and appreciates their good parts while hating the ones he just mentioned).

Jaces1397d ago

@Nidhogg ..People bashing the game who haven't played it are idiots.

S2Killinit1397d ago

"People defending the game are idiots"
Hmmm really? People attacking it even though the game isnt out yet, now those guys are smart! Fine, i admit that you are right. But i'll be playing it this friday because it looks freakin sweet.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

The people who have never played the game and then pretend to be "The Order" experts after watching Youtube videos are actually the people who are idiots.

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hunggago1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

I think whether it's linear or open-world, someone will always find a way to speed-run through it and say how short the game was. Though MGSV Ground Zeroes is just a small portion of Phanthom Pain, I remember no body would buy it even if it was $20-$40, because it took around 2 hours or less to beat.

DarkOcelet1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

I remember being able to beat MGS1 in 8 hours the first time. I remember speedrunning through it in 2 hours

I remember MGS2 took me 10 hours. I spedran it in less than 2 hours too.

I remember MGS3 taking me 12 hours. I spedran it in 2.30 hours. Its not about the length, its about how much you can enjoy the game. And that is what i will do.

I remember the original RE trilogy took me less than 8 hours the first time and less than 3 hours later on. And i would buy those in a flash instead of the new ones my friend.

hunggago1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

I agree. When somebody plays a game the second time after completion, they would already be familiar with every levels to a game's check point, it makes their speed-runs very easy. But like you said, it takes time for most people to find the find their ways to a level, beat an enemy, solve puzzles, etc. during their first run through.
When I buy The Order this week I'll take my time and I know it will take me more than 5 hours to finish and enjoy that bad boy.

DJustinUNCHAIND1397d ago

This game is going to sell well but it's going to have more trade-ins than Destiny.

SavageKuma1397d ago

My only problem was the announcement of this game getting rid of its four player Co-op. It was showcasing four characters and really talking about the playing with others style in a co-op story. Now that went out the window my anticipations for this game left as well.

shallowpoint1397d ago

Where did you read that? It was never coop!

FarEastOrient1397d ago

How can you anticipate a feature you invented for a game? That's like saying I should be able to fly the airplane in Forza Horizon.

MysticStrummer1397d ago

Your only problem was an announcement that never happened?

SavageKuma1397d ago

It happened and then it was taken away.

MysticStrummer1397d ago

"It happened and then it was taken away."

At best, you're mistaken.

Jaqen_Hghar1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

your twisted interpretation of a teaser trailer is not Sony's fault to correct

Caffo011397d ago

LOL no one agreed with you, i think you're the only one who misunderstood the reveal XD

SavageKuma1397d ago

on here no one agrees. Look you all taking this to heart to much. It still looks like a great game, but we can agree to disagree. In that it would be nice to have that option especially with all four characters being revealed at first. I think this game would of been better suited with a co-op.

Caffo011397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

ok you can have your opinion, for you it would have been better with coop and maybe you're right. But to say that this game was revealed as a coop game is simply wrong.

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jhoward5851397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

I like 1886 but I just wished it had more weapons to choose from. Or they colud've add stuff in their game similar to the evil within.

TEW did something right, it keep the player active through the whole game.

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