Should A Game's Length Determine Its Price? - Quick Time Event Podcast

On this episode of Quick Time Event, the team discussed the top that has light the internet ablaze the past few days – whether or not a game’s length should determine its worth. The game specifically in question is The Order: 1886.

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gangsta_red1372d ago

Well going by past discussions and opinions, a lot of people on this site and elsewhere said Titanfall was not worth the 60 dollar price tag because it lacked SP and basic modes found in other FPS games of its genre.

So we could apply that logic to The Order since it lacks a MP and has NO other modes.

OrangePowerz1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Titanfall also didn't require a huge budget to make a new engine, pay a lot for composers, actors, writters and so on. There is a good chance that TF was a lot cheaper to make.

I think that budget costs should determine the price.

gangsta_red1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

And there's a good chance that it wasn't since more time could have been spent for netcode, weapon balance, multiplayer QA, extra content.

Titanfall is still being supported and played to this day. All that support still takes time and money from the developer.

Also I am pretty certain Titanfall has voice actors and a music score ;)

"I think that budget costs should determine the price."

Really?! You do know that almost all triple A titles are upwards a million plus right? It's the main argument right now on why Evolve has so much DLC.

If a game is going to have a bigger budget then it should offer more content or at least some sort of replayabilty. A bigger budget to just look gorgeous doesn't sit well with me, it didn't for Ryse and it doesn't for The Order.

poppinslops1372d ago

So GTA5 should've cost roughly $300?
Well, I guess I got a bargain!

I bet 'the Order' cost more to develop than 'Bloodborne' (nevermind the marketing budget), but I'd pay more for Bloodborne, 'cause I know I'll get my money's worth (multiplayer, randomised dungeons, multiple classes etc).

I'm currently 212 hours into Dragon Age: Inquisition and I've still got a way to go before I'm done, so for me $60 was great value.

But $60 for 6 hours and nothing else?
That's pretty steep... and you just know they've got some $30 dlc waiting in the wings.

OrangePowerz1372d ago

There wouldn`t have been much reason to make a new netcode. The source engine has a very reliable and solid netcode, so it would just be modified to suit the needs of Titanfall.

Weapon balance is changing specific numbers in the code to influence, weapon damage, reload speed, fire rate and so on. That`s as simple as changing a line from 0.30 to 0.40 to increase the reload speed.

For QA you can spend just as much money for a singleplayer game as on a multiplayer game or as on a game that has singleplayer and multiplayer, it all depends on the studio setup. Additionally if you look on the internet for the average salary of a QA tester you will find that it`s not very high and wouldn`t play a very big part on the budget.

I didn`t say Titanfall doesn`t have a soundtrack or voice actors, but to a much lesser degree and also to a much lesser degree motion capture if any.

Upwards a million plus is a far underestimation for AAA games. As for Evolve I don`t think all the DLC is valid, but on the other hand they decided to use the CryEngine and that one is grossly overpriced. I would place the game as a mid range game instead of high range (AAA). As a personal user you can get it for a tiny amount, but for professional use in full games the price is very high.

The only reason why Ryse would have a very high budget would be because it was in development since the 360 and originally planned as a 360 game. The engine wouldn`t cost them anything, they made the engine already for Crysis and it`s only a modification. I also like to add that CryTek always had problems with delivering great games in all aspects. far Cry was good, but the story was often not that great, the gameplay was a normal FPS, the first Crysis improved on some of the stuff but again it was more of a showcase on how to make something look good. After the first Crysis game they completely lost their plot. Ready at Dawn actually has proven that they can make good looking games with good gameplay and a good story. Yes that was on the PSP, but that doesn`t matter. The first demos of the game had been recieved very mixed, with framerate issues and problems that the gundplay would not feel good at all. From the most recent demos all of that has been resolved according to the people who played it.

Developing a completely new engine from the ground up for a completely new IP on a completely new system compared to what you worked on before is extremely costly.

Just to throw a random number around. 60 million spent where the IP and all the tech is new versus 30 million where it`s a known IP or a new IP with licensed or updated tech doesn`t mean it will get your more content. It means a lot more money needs to be spent to get anywhere near the ballpark where the 30 million game is in regards to content. Mind you that`s just random numbers to illustrate that you need to spend a lot more money when doing something from the ground up to get a similar result compared to something that isn`t new from the ground up.

What is there currently to go by to say that The Order won`t be good? A video of some dude that finishes the game in 5 hours and it`s taken as a fact that everybody else will require the same amount of time. Yes it has a higher amount of cutscenes and yes it`s a linear story driven game. So what? It`s like when people complained about MGS having too many cutscenes. There is nothing wrong with having cutscenes even if they are lengthy. People complained about Destiny not having enough cutscenes and I didn`t mind that just as I don`t mind if The Order has a lot of cutscenes.

OrangePowerz1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

If you take the video as evidence that the game is boring, mundane or something else I can`t help you. I can watch any video for any other game like GTA, Gears of War, God of War, Shenmue, Uncharted, Halo and so on and it will be boring and mundane because I only sit there without having any interaction at all for something that is designed for user interaction. Even if that user interaction is only a QTE.

I will make up my mind about the game after I played it not before and certainly not by watching some videos.

@ Pop

I didn`t say where the clear cutoff point would be and I certainly didn`t imply that the costs should go up but the highest should be 60 bucks and after that go down. Yes GTA5 was very expensive to make, but it had also an insanely huge team, just like the AC games have. So there should also be a correlation between the budget and team size. Obviously if you have one thousand people working on an AC game it will cost a lot more then some other game where 150 people work on.

Why can`t you get your money worth on a game that lasts 10 hours? I like DA:I as well but how much time do you actually spend by just running around or doing side missions that have no impact on the story? If you take the story alone you would come up with a lot less time. The game has a lot filler and padding just like a lot of other open world games have. I hope Bioware doesn`t do that for the next ME.

Games in the past had been a lot shorter, had been a lot cheaper to make and you actually payed more for them compared to what you pay now, so where is the issue exactly?

Edit: 13 disagrees and 0 agrees also shows what people come to look into the article. It`s sad what the "gaming" community turned into over the last 20 years. Sure you had the Nintendo versus Sega people, N64 vs. PS1 and so on, but it wasn`t such a cancer before as it is now.

WilDRangeRfc1371d ago

Why do you defend Sony in every thing they do? I have both consoles and prefer my PS4 but no MP or co-op and short game length cannot be defended,I am buying the game day one but blind fanboy loyalty will not stop me from calling out BS,this game is perfect for MP and co-op,not all games need it but the Order does.You keep blindly defending Sony if thats what you feel like doing but people are right to be critical of a £50 game with no replay value or added game modes that has been in development for a long time,and if reports are correct the campaign minus the cutscenes is pretty short,keep on defending this crap I wont

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iSuperSaiyanGod1372d ago

Pokemon averages 36 hours to beat, to 200 of playing time with out getting boring lol that's my standard lmao

Eddie201011372d ago

I think a lot of people want this game and the Sony Playstation 4 to fail. Jealasy, Fanboyism, Stupidity.

Basing your opinion on a speed run of the game is ignorant and stupid.

Grow up people

WilDRangeRfc1371d ago

No replay value no added game modes,no co-op (4 main characters perfect for it) a short campaign,I prefer my PS4 over my X1 but this game would of been Gears all over again only this time on Playstation,open your eyes before you tell people to grow up,I love MP and I am devastated this game does not have it,will I enjoy the game? Definatly,will I miss hours of fun on MP or playing co-op with friends and getting my £50 worth 10 x over? Definatly,you keep your head in the sand buddy but people are right to be pissed,ask yourself if I was trolling the game would I have it coming day one and would I be so dissapointed that theres no online? Singleplayer only gamers are covered,TPS online junkies like me are screwed end of story

medman1371d ago

Yes. This. Dark Souls was speed run in less than 30 minutes. Nuff said. Case closed.

gangsta_red1371d ago

Except I'm not basing my opinion on a speed run. I am actually basing it on what this site viewed the features and options of Titanfall and applying them to this game.

Gamer19821371d ago

Look at the flip side at evolve it has less than 1 hours worth of content yet nobody cares about it as they so hung up on DLC. You literally do the same thing each game either from the hunter or monsters point of view. People will argue every game is different but isn't that really the same for single player games these days? With 3d games advanced AI and collectables. I'm not advocating short games HELL no but there's shorter games out there than the order the differnce is there not exclusives to the highest selling console right now so people aren't pointing them out.
Theres been open world games with less time than the order too but since they open world people ignore it and also use collectables and side missions as a reason to. Yet the order has collectables.. But my point is still a game is as fun as the player gets out of it and as long as you find the fun from it. Some people can and will replay it multiple times and love it each and every time. For them it will be a 40+ hour game... You cannot say its a 6 hour game as its a 6 hour story as thats treading dangerous waters as then we could say forza and gt is a zero hour game as it has zero story.

Damn politics ruining gaming..

ninsigma1371d ago

you're right, the order should have a lower price point. I said the same before that games with only one mode should be going for less. Prices have gotten a bit crazy this gen but as long as people pay the prices nothing is going to change :/

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4theplayers1372d ago

Jetpack Joyride price: o
US$ 999.999.999.999.999.999...

Jalva1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Most games aren't worth $60, The Order:1886 definitely isn't an exception.

LordMaim1372d ago

So I guess this is the new way to drag the game down. First it was the graphics had been downgraded, then it was that the game had too many QTEs and not enough action, and when all of that was proven untrue now people attack the game for not being long enough. There are those people who go from article to article, shouting their agenda as loud as they can because they need people to listen and believe.

I remember when this hobby used to be playing games.

Jalva1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

They didn't prove too many QTE's to be untrue, and for the record I'm not bashing the game, just answering the question in the title, but I mean let's not kid ourselves here, The Order: 1886 ain't exactly gonna be spinning around inside anyone's PS4 for long...

WildArmed1372d ago

Can't argue with you there.

I still wish games were 40$, it was much easier to do an impulse buy back then. Now I wait for most games to drop to 20-40$. And it usually happens within a month or so after releases these days.

Kal-V31372d ago

I wish games were $ wait 15, no $10. I wish all games were $10. Actually $5 is, $3. I'll pay $3 for Witcher 3. How long it Witcher 3 going to be? Might have to drop that down to $2 for games. That Bioshock Infinite took me 20 hours to beat and i bought it on release, payed $59 too much if you ask me..

x_RadicalAura_x1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

So get Gamers Club Unlocked. lol I never pay $60 for a day-one release. At the absolute most, $51.54 (that's with tax), but usually only ~$30-40 because they run promos (e.g. $10 in rewards certificates for pre-ordering a game).

Lol people **** about games being too expensive but they're not thrifty/resourceful enough to look for options out there that provide a solution.

Rimeskeem1372d ago

Quality (if anything) should determine price.

Rimeskeem1372d ago

The Order is turning into a religion. Some people hate it, some people love it, some dont care at all, and others worship.

WildArmed1372d ago

As opposed to any other game?

" People hate it, some people love it, some dont care at all, and others worship"

iSuperSaiyanGod1372d ago

IMO when it comes to games if you don't like it don't buy it & leave it at that . It's not worth getting crazy over . Xbox , PlayStation pc Nintendo , it all won't matter in the long run .

Naga1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

@ sckipt

Except that religions consist of worldviews comprised of fundamental truth claims about existence, meaning, and morality. The Order is an artistic, artificial experience produced solely for entertainment - and one which makes no such truth claims.

So the only valid point of analogy here is that people have strong feelings about both. In which case, you might as well have said that The Order is turning into a movie... or dare I say... a video game.

Jalva1372d ago

Congrats you just described everything in existence.

Eddie201011372d ago


And almost all of them haven't even played the game.

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