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DarkOcelet948d ago

I will be very sad if it really got cancelled. Team ICO hasn't released anything after the masterpiece Shadow Of the Colossus. This is weird.

PillowInUrBassDrum948d ago

As I said in my response to the "it's cancelled" article, Team ICO/Sony actually need to show something regarding The Last Guardian for me to care about this game again. That's a sad fact considering the quality of the developer. But really, until further notice this to me is simply written off as vapor-ware. I shake my head every time I see a rumor article hit the top of the N4G page.

UltraNova948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Yet we obviously need to constantly remind ourselves that is not our problem but SONY's and that worrying like its me and you that pays Team ICO is to put it lightly, an exercise in futility!

Last time I checked I still have no chance in hell to manage playing all the exclusives that are coming nearly every other month, let alone chipping away at my back catalog.

PillowInUrBassDrum947d ago

Very true that there are already enough games to go around :)

Majin-vegeta948d ago

Yea think I'm gonna go with what PSF said.And not some lame kid.Who can say he has sources.

JoGam948d ago

Of course it is. Only people trying to gets hits think otherwise.

Elda948d ago

I believe it when I start to see new footage.

imXify948d ago

Well they have to release it one day, or else they will go financially into oblivion.

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The story is too old to be commented.