This is the reason why game length matters for some people

GotGame writes: There's a single reason why we're having this heated debate and it's a problem.

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DarkOcelet1373d ago

Quality > Quantity

I firmly believe that.

Aloy-Boyfriend1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

A game with Quality and less quantity can coexists.
A game with no Quality and quantity is not acceptable. See AC Unity

This is why there's a Quality department in every dev house.

If the Order is 8 to 12 long like it's been said(though overshadowed by that Youtuber that beat the game in 5 hrs) and it has quality gameplay ans story, then it will be worth the price tag.

It's funny because many 3rd party games are less than 10 hrs, but you don't see many complaints about them. The exclusives games are the ones that people and haters seem to put more weight on,

But hey, we are all different and have different opinions. Gotta respect that, but damn will there be another game with this much backlash for its length? Even when you have people saying it's 8 to 12 hrs and maybe more depending of your take on the game? Doubtful

DragoonsScaleLegends1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Watch Dogs went with quantity instead and had a short boring story with almost no likable characters. Only thing that gave it length were the random missions that you do over and over again. Not really any bugs though but the frame-rate lagged after every mission, I don't know if they ever fixed that (I doubt they did). Playing online made the game go to 20fps or even lower which made it unplayable most of the time.

I was going to get Destiny since I liked the Beta but I heard everyone say it sucked and was just the same thing over and over again just like Watch Dogs.

Infamous Second Son was the only game I have got so far that actually looked 'next-gen' besides the resolution and frame-rate. But that game had a short disappointing story just like all the others on my PS4 but not nearly as bad or short as the rest. Only games that have been good story wise were the remasters but they were all released with bugs that will never be fixed.

Go buy The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for PS4 or XO it is the perfect example of the quality we are getting on our new consoles.

DarkOcelet1373d ago

Watch Dogs/The Crew/AC Unity went with quantity over quality and they were average. No wonder Ubisoft barely get and GOTY awards.

OrangePowerz1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Watch Dogs wasn't what UbiSoft made the people believe it would be, but I still stick to it that the game got too much negativity thrown at it then what it deserves. Without Ubisoft pulling their "make the graphics look better then what they will be" and being more accurate on how the game will be it would have been received better.

It's a new IP and for a start of a new IP it did a decent job at establishing a universe and characters.

It wasn't the most exciting story, but I actually could get invested enough in the story and characters to finish the game. That's not something I can say about Unity. I never came across the framerate issue in Watch Dogs and did a bit of online.

The length of Second Son was fine and so was the story.

You can't seriously take Spiderman as example and compare it to the other games you listed. Are the PS3 and 360 Spiderman games examples of the quality that we got last gen?

Aceman181373d ago

Wtf ICO was like 6hrs and I loved every waking minute of it. It didn't have multiplayer, wasn't open world I didn't care.

I don't care about length of game as long as it's enjoyable to me.

LordMaim1373d ago

"There's a single reason why we're having this heated debate"

Because it's an exclusive title.

ChrisW1373d ago

I used to love playing games that took 40 to 60+ hours to beat. However, recently I found my attention easily waning on these games. Honestly, it mostly because of the lack of quality in them.

Just last week, I played Double Dragon on Steam. Super nostalgic because I recall being able to beat it on one quarter back when it first came to the arcades. After playing it again, I realized why. It's incredibly short... And, despite it not being the best beat-em-up of the 80s, I found myself appreciating it because of such.

DarkOcelet1373d ago

Its not about the length, its about how much you can enjoy the game no matter if it if short or long.

I could care less if a game is 1 or 2 hours or 100 hours just as long as i can enjoy it, then thats what matters.

Limbo was 1.30 for me the first time but damn it was one of the greatest 1.30 i have spent.

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tylercolp1373d ago

Me too, but there's a lot of reasons why I do, some that I might not even be aware of.

TheSuperior 1373d ago

firmly believe in the articles statement. Everyone has a different opinion, no ones right or wrong here. High quality games are definitely wroth it to me no matter the length.

Elda1373d ago

This is getting old quick.

tanukisuit1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

It is! I think the entire gaming community should be focusing on things that actually matter (for example DRM, microtransactions, etc).

polow got sol1373d ago

Why are they calling this game the border??

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