Crowdthink: On Game Length and The Order: 1886

GamingTrend's Eric Van Allen explores the problems associated with Internet-mob psychology and AAA game releases.

In 2012, a game called Dishonored launched, and was quickly panned for its supposed “lack of content.” YouTubers and streamers put on display how fast one could run through the game, beating it in a handful of hours, and the community rose up in anger.

Yet in 2015, Dishonored is now considered...

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DarkOcelet1368d ago

Dishonored was also getting flak for lack of content?? I didn't know that. It took me 7 hours to beat the game but it was one of the best 7 hours i have played last gen. And also had many varied ways to play. Making its replayability very good.

I really think people need to stop criticizing the game so damn much and wait until they play it. On day 1, a year after or whenever they do,because judging a game like that is unfair.

I firmly believe this could turn into an awesome franchise.

Relientk771368d ago

I'm still waiting to hear about Dishonored 2

E3 2015 fingers crossed

Relientk771368d ago

Dishonored lack of content, are u joking me?

I beat Dishonored 4 times, explored all the levels, getting all the paintings, collectibles, coins etc and got the platinum trophy for it

Dishonored is a blast, the replayability of it is fantastic, I still want to keep playing it

Can't wait for Dishonored 2

Ridah1368d ago

Dishonored was dishonorable in the content department.