Leaked Gameplay of The Order: 1886 Reveals Secrets

For those of those interested in the release of the upcoming The Order: 1886, a new series of videos detailing all of the future title’s gameplay.

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DarkOcelet1317d ago

"the cutscenes alone amount to nearly half of the nine-hour total of the game, meaning that there are only a solid 5 hours of gamplay."

Four hour cutscenes. Thats awesome. Its been a while since we got a game that has that much cutscenes since MGS4. And i am pretty sure i can squeeze more out of the gameplay.

Killa781317d ago

I don't think there's 4 hours of cut-scenes, otherwise no one would be complaining of game length? This YouTuber said the whole game is 6ish hours?

Anyway, I don't even care, as long as the story is ggripping and the gameplay is fun (which it looks like).

Managed to pick up this and DriveClub in a good deal #RollOn2015

marlinfan101317d ago

The guy that beat it in 5 1/2 hrs said it was 3 hrs of cut scenes, 1 hr of qtes/interactive cutscenes and 1.5 hrs of gameplay so the 4 hrs of cutscenes is probably about right.

pedrof931317d ago

People complained about that, I loved it. I'm mostly a Ps player because of the story driven-games. Since MGS 2 !

Letthewookiewin1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

I remember in the good ol days when I was playing games, I couldn't wait to get to the next cut scene to progress the story, now I'm being told not to enjoy that by the angry text of the internets. I can't wait for this game. The more I hear about it the more excited I get.

heychrisfox1317d ago

There's nothing wrong with a cutscene heavy gameplay. The Last of Us was also great. But that means that the entire game attempts to stand based on its story, rather than its gameplay. If The Order can do that, good for them. If not... ouch.

lelo2play1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Sony knows reviewers are going to hammer The Order: 1886, that's why they won't allow reviews before the game releases.
This game won't flop sales wise. Even if the game is bad, the amount of preorders it has, it can't flop (sales wise).

At this moment, PS4 fanboys will gobble up any PS4 exclusive, good or bad.

The game has been gold for a month, and review embargo lifts 16 hours before the release! ... Yes, that shows great confidence in the game! /s

BTW: "Stop being a dishonest douche. "
Grow up!
.... and reported. "People" like you should be banned and get a good old fashion spanking. Kids these days have no respect.

Minute Man 7211317d ago

Good maybe people will cancel ther premium edition so I can pick one up from Gamestop

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qwerty6761317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

lol how is this guy posting the whole game?

only a matter of time before he gets flagged.

but when i watched the first hour that got leaked a couple days ago, i found it incredibly boring.


whats your point? but yeah look at my comment history and you'll see im not a blatant fanboy.

heychrisfox1317d ago

Technically what he's doing is not illegal. The person who leaked the footage to him was the wrongdoer.

DarkOcelet1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

N4G lesson 101...

1-Look at a person's comment
2-Look at his bubbles
3-Look at his comment history



Mate, you have been hating on The Order 1886 from a long time ago. Look at the second page of your comment history. So much hate for the game.

Elda1317d ago

Negative obsession is a mother f*cker.

S2Killinit1317d ago

He is hating on the Order longer than he is playing games. I hope MS can release an exclusive for these guys so they have something better to do than hate on games they cant play.

parentsbasement1317d ago

can the cut scenes be skipped ? I would hope so , at least for the second go around....

heychrisfox1317d ago

All reports seem to be no, cutscenes will not be skippable. Very annoying indeed.

csbunk021317d ago

Looks dope, if I were into playing interactive movies.

Nice motion cap and graphics though.

wolf5811317d ago

can all the xbots please return to their super exclusive ryse with its awesome graphics ,gameplay,long drawdistances with no invisible walls and rocksteady fps .?
and can all the pc fans please go back to their ps2,wii,gc emulators and continue to play the games we all console fools have played long ago in glorius 1080 /60 fps?
we trying to watch a movie here y know....

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