Buggy games are a 'scary trend' according to The Order dev

MMGN writes: The Order: 1886 game director Dana Jan said as much while chatting with MMGN about the studio's forthcoming PS4 exclusive, saying there was a "scary trend" happening in games where titles were released without being finished or to the quality expected by the public.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Glad this game didn't join the Broken Games party. According to some of the videos I've seen without spoilers, the game looks really well-polished.

Father__Merrin1397d ago

games with far far more bugs hardly gotta mention where as the order is being dumped on by biased idiots who really should take up knitting as a new hobby.

I hope the order is a commercial hit...

EvilWay1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Biased idiots??

I think a game that is cinematic (which is fine when the game is long), linear and short I think it deserves criticism. It is unacceptable to make a game as short as the The Order is being as short as it is.

I was down on the game in re beginning because of the gameplay but than I was shown that it would be solid gameplay wise, now mother length comes out and it's absolutely ridiculous.

Before anyone says it was a rushed 5 hours go watch it. There is nothing to explore and search for so yes it's 5 hours
You Hardcore Sony fans need to wake the hell up and stop sticking up for anything Sony and give criticism where it is necessary instead of sticking up for it and calling the people with solid criticism "biased"

Ready at Dawn should be ashamed. Games were longer back in the 90s and offered more as well. They have all this hardware to go with and this is what they release

Graphically the game is phenomenal maybe the best I have seen, and the gameplay looks pretty solid as well, but the length is my main problem
Nothing else.

Stop accepting this crap and demand more. This game short be atleast 10hours in length since its linear. Ryse is in the same boat and it deserves the same criticism

Xman2K1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Best game ever MGS PSX was only about 10 hours long , even shorter, so play the game first to all the people who judge games on length. Better a 5 hr Adrenelinefest and raising the bar gameplay and story than a 30 hr snoozefest

bigpiece1397d ago

well ready at dawn had that delay to most likely iron out frame rate issues and other things. Great decision by Sony to do that!

Lighter91397d ago

*according to smart gamers.

Volkama1397d ago

Come off it. Even AC Unity would have been bug free if it was a linear 5 hour shooter.

I'd rather not get aboard the order hate train, but I don't think the dev should be throwing stones.

SoapShoes1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

I'm guessing you just repeat what you read on the internet. Either you're a troll or very gullible and believing the trolls on the internet.

My gosh there have been lots of people who have beat it and taken way longer. The average seems to be 9-12 hours. Not to mention it's not all linear and there are more open spaces that gives you choices... Oh but you probably were too busy to do your research.

OrangePowerz1397d ago

Fine let's take an example of a more linear game.

BF3, BF4 and MH Warfighter singeplayer campaigns had a normal length and they had been buggy as hell.

The Order isn't the very long (longer than rushed 5 hours), but Unity didn't have some small random glitches. It had jarringly obvious bugs like a horrific framerate, crashes, missions that can't be completed because the scripting breaks.

I understand if small bugs or glitches are in a game (there is no such thing as a game without bugs) especially if it's open world, but a lot of the stuff in Unity is so in your face that it's not funny. It's like that bug that made Skyrim unplayable after a while on PS3 because the framerate got to a point where it was a slide show.

Short game or not there are many things that can break or go wrong and you shouldn't underestimate the difficulties to get even a shorter linear game polished.

Volkama1397d ago

I'm really not advocating bugs in Unity. I'm saying this dev shouldn't be casting stones at other people's work.

@soapshoes if by "research" you mean watch youtube videos and read gameplay details, no I haven't. I plan to play the game, and I avoid "research" as best I can. It's pretty hard to miss the 700 article titles bashing the length of the game over the last couple if days though, and [email protected] themselves describe it as linear don't they?

OrangePowerz1397d ago

I don`t see why they can`t be critical about how buggy games are. If their game is buggy, yes they shouldn`t complain about other games being buggy. The length or type of game shouldn`t have an influence in this case on who can and can`t complain about buggy games as long as their own game isn`t buggy.

vickers5001397d ago

"The length or type of game shouldn`t have an influence in this case on who can and can`t complain about buggy games as long as their own game isn`t buggy."

It should and it does, because linear games aren't as technologically demanding as open world games, and when I say technologically demanding, I don't mean graphics.

It's easier to make a linear game bug free than it is to make an open world game bug free.

SoapShoes1397d ago

Well Mr. Volkama you did enough research(or lack of) to conclude the length of the game and echo things you've read online. If you really were waiting to try it yourself you wouldn't be making statements about it till you played it and made your on opinions. Really contradictive..

OrangePowerz1397d ago

If you talk about serious bugs such as the ones Unity has that don't depend on very specific circumstances it is not as different as you might think and I can guarantee you that Ubi was very well aware of all the issues and despite that decided to release the game. The state of the game would have become very clear to them several month before it would have come out. I don't see why they shouldn't be allowed to be critical towards this type of business that some companies practice. Unity isn't even the worst case in recent memory because that "accolade" belongs to BF4.

Volkama1396d ago

@OrangePowerz, BF4 and Unity are probably the most buggy games to release, but they're also 2 of the most ambitious projects. In both cases the publisher and/or dev are valid targets for critism, and it's fine for us armchair fans to complain. It just comes across as a bit cocky for a fellow professional dish the dirt, especially when they haven't really attempted anything so ambitious themselves.

I imagine if the developers of FIFA came out and said "it's a real worrying trend that developers release games at 30fps, we wouldn't do something like that" you'd agree it was a bit off? Cos that is how this statement comes across imo...

@SoapShoes it's pretty hard to browse N4G without picking up one or two details about the game. The stuff I've said has been based on article titles.... And I don't see why you doubt my intent to play the game?

The dev comment on this article seems a bit out of line, but it's just a few passing words from a single member of the team and he probably meant it to come across as a positive for his game. It isn't actually a big deal to me, despite my participation in this discussion about it!

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XabiDaChosenOne1397d ago

Excuse me? Please point me to a game that has better graphical fidelity than The Order 1886. Don't come over here acting like the game is some low budget work.

Volkama1397d ago

Did you comment in the wrong place? Cos what you said makes no sense in the context of a reply..

Repjaws1396d ago

I guess that's why GTA 5 was full of bugs when it launched since it was an open world sand box.....oh wait

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lemoncake1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

A linear game is a lot easier to test and bug fix than an open world game though, as games get more complex and massive there's a lot more chance of bugs popping up and being missed in testing. I always expect linear games to be considerably less buggy than something like dragon age inquisition and I tend to be a bit more forgiving the more open world it is.

@ziggurcat the key word being "best state", open world games are going to be different to linear ones.

ziggurcat1397d ago

then publishers should be allowing devs to spend the extra time to make sure that open world game is in the best state it can be prior to release.

DragoonsScaleLegends1397d ago

So if it's a open world game that means it's alright to release it buggy and unfinished? I would prefer quality over quantity and if they don't have the funds to make a open world game then they shouldn't be making one to begin with.

kamundo1397d ago

Agreed, but so are QTE movies calling themselves "games".

Maxor1397d ago

It would've been nice if the player can guide the dialog or control the narrative like Heavy Rain or Tell Tale games. But this just a movie with TPS and QTE sequences.

I'm sorry but you don't need a nextgen console for this. You can tell the same story, with the same gameplay on the PS3 or even the PSP. Just change the uber graphics to something more stylized and the experience will be the same.

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