Video Review: ‘Evolve’ – Teamwork, Patience, and Probable Panic | Play Enlightened

Play Enlightened: "Evolve is a game about teamwork, ability, and utilizing the right ability at the right time. While a lot of this comes down to the player itself, the game delivers on the promise of thrilling asymmetric multiplayer rife with peril, danger and hopefully victory. What Evolve lacks in narrative progression, it more than makes up for in thrilling matches and incredible moments."

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AKissFromDaddy1368d ago

Just one bad Hunter will doom a squad against a good Monster. However, the best players should play the Trapper and Medic because they're the most vital. I found that when the Monster is assaulting the Medic or Trapper, it's best if Support shields them or if they runs towards the Assault, where he'll do the most damage.

My favorite game mode is Defense because the Monster comes to us as Hunters or I have two minions as a Monster. Nonetheless, I wish the minions weren't always Goliaths.

JoeMcCallister1368d ago

Defense is great - starting with a Level 3 monster is terrifying for sure.