PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886's Dev Explains Why the Game Feels So Fluid Even if it Runs at 30 FPS

The Order: 1886 runs at 30 frames per second, yet it feels definitely very fluid. Ready at Dawn CTO Andrea Pessino told DualShockers the reason why at an event in Milan.

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d_g1397d ago

Because You Can’t make The Game Run at 60fps

thrust1397d ago

Would it be twice as long if it was 60fps?

Moldiver1397d ago

You guys have ZERO chill! lol

d_g1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

NO it Would be twice smother and Fluid(Like what says 1886's Dev) if it was 60fps

PoSTedUP1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

id go with talent (why it seems so fluent @30) and limited resources/time why they cant make it 60. but trolls differently think brains bitter when, logic= no.

badz1491397d ago

eh...Driveclub is as intense as you can get for a racing game and it runs at 30fps. no lack of sense of speed and tight control, no problem.

sure 60fps is desirable but the propaganda that 30fps is bad or crap needs to stop.

subtenko1396d ago

It would be like playing with Water if it was 60FPS.

inveni01396d ago

I greatly prefer higher fidelity to higher frame rates. We aren't going to get graphics like the order on consoles at 60fps. Even on PC, that kind of fidelity at that resolution and frame rate would require a significant GPU. So I'm not complaining. The Order, Uncharted 4…they look fabulous. I'm stoked.

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Bobby Kotex1397d ago

@postedup, logic is what escapes you and pretty much anyone else who hasn't experienced gaming at 60fps. There's absolutely nothing to indicate the order is smoother than other 30fps games. This is just a bunch of damage control.

SoapShoes1397d ago

You can only have damage control when there is damage to begin with. How can they retaliate against any reports of framerate dropping/stuttering when there are none? Everyone's been saying it's rock solid.

PoSTedUP1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

um, we all have experienced gaming @60fps. and really? there are no circumstances where someone could hinder the effects of one 30fps game from another? wrong, its called screen tears, frame rate drops and stutters. oh and there are no effects that could be done to make 30fps seem more fluid? wrong again. PC games at 30fps feel choppy because the game is not opimized like its console counterpart; its console counterpart feels more fluid because it adds effects like motion blur amd other effects. then there are these effects that the devs explain which you can actually google and come up with the fact that they are devs and know what they are talking about. there are a lot of things you can do in development that makes frames feel smoother, hell my TV has Modes where it makes the frames feel smoother!!

now, who does logic escape from? rhetorical question: you and 11 others.

NarooN1396d ago

"There's absolutely nothing to indicate the order is smoother than other 30fps games."

You clearly didn't even read the article, since the dev explained precisely why.

"A 30fps game" is a very vague descriptor, since many games that "run at 30fps" do so with plenty of dips under said framerate, which introduces lots of frametime variance, which in turn introduces extra input lag and visual tearing and other artifacts, which all combine to make everything feel "less smooth".

I've been gaming for ages on consoles AND PC and the same rule holds true for both general platforms. A locked, stable 30fps with no dips is still pretty damn smooth and much better than 30fps with dips. In fact, I'd rather take a locked 30fps with no dips over a 60fps target with lots of dips any day of the week, because factually the locked 30fps with no dips would offer a smoother experience.

lemoncake1397d ago

Kind of surprised they couldn't hit 60fps considering the weird resolution they gone for with the black bars.

Clunkyd1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Maybe because they decided to put more time and resources on the visuals instead of performance.
Reason why the game looks stunning even at "low resolution"

badz1491397d ago


why are you calling the resolution of The Order as "weird"? movies use it all the time.

NuggetsOfGod1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Give me 60fps or give me death lol

If all ps4 games was running @60fps how wouldthe games look?

Would the ps4 still be called s beast??

How many tflops is ps4 and xb0?

Tegra x1 is at 1.2 tflops

Tegra x2 and 3 may give consoles a run for their money..

30fps = console optimization.

Mr Logic1396d ago

I don't generally respond to people like you but TFLOPS are theoretical. X1 (That's tegra X1 fyi) is 0.5 tlops and PS4 is 1.8. Regardless I will give up gaming altogether than deal with touchscreen crap.

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Azzanation1397d ago

I remember at the launch of these next gen consoles, fanboys would claim 1080p @60 was next gen and they all jumped on DR3, Ryse and KI for not achieving it. Now its ok lol Sheep will be sheep.

badz1491397d ago

oh, I guess you missed the comments saying "Forza 5 is the only true 1080p 60fps game available out there".

d3nworth11396d ago

Why are you on a ps4 article talking about xbox games? All 3 consoles have games that run [email protected]

deecee331396d ago

So the simulation rate and framerate are in lock-step. This is AWESOME news because the controls should be amazing with no input lag. Plus they are doing post processing, etc. If you're going to release a game that runs at 30fps, this is the way to do it so it feels as fluid as possible. I'm stoked for this one.

_-EDMIX-_1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

more like they choose to not make it run 60fps.

Most who seem to think they um..."can't" are likely console gamers that don't really get....ANY GAME CAN RUN 60fps, its game dependent.

Get a PC it at the lowest stripped setting and with a decent GPU, you very much can play it at 60fps.....but at what visual cost?

The team made a smart choice in making a real great looking next gen only title at a locked 30fps vs making a stripped, watered down looking last gen title running at 60fps.

Haven't you noticed that MOST of the games even running 60fps have been LAST GEN PORTS and not full next gen only titles? (Example, Forza 5 runs 60fps, yet look at how stripped the game is, missing features, backgrounds look legit like a joke JUST to get 60fps.

yet Driveclub ISN'T 60fps.....yet looks amazing and is being called one of the best looking racers thus far this gen)

It has to do with many factors, how demanding the engine is, or hell even whether or not the game even looks right at such a speed.

3rd person shooters just don't look right at 60fps, they are right to seek 30fps for a more cinematic feel.

ie movies all don't just seek the same damn frames.... they seek a frame based on a feel they want for the film, ie why Interstellar didn't look like it was running the same frames as a reality show or the morning news.

The same applies to gaming...

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mikel10151397d ago

They should stop talking for themselves and let everyone else make those judgements. Anyone could give themselves compliments for anything they "feel" like they did right in their eyes. Just let us play the game before making claims.

Abriael1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

he talked because I asked. That's how interviews tend to work.

FullmetalRoyale1397d ago

Sometimes you really act unprofessionally there, Abe.

It's embarrassing.

OT: This year is going to be INsane! I really feel like playing The Order will just whet my appetite for Bloodborne even more. I like variety!

Clonetrooper11391397d ago

Why don't you ask some relevant questions?

The 30fps whining is old. No real gamer cares, honestly.

How about plans for the franchise, other projects, some responses on the negative press, etc.

Asking the same old questions is pointless.

Abriael1397d ago

@Clonetrooper1139: No whining was done. I and others noticed that the game felt really smooth, so I asked him what kind of techniques they used to achieve that.

_-EDMIX-_1397d ago

I got to agree with Clonetrooper.

Most gamers really don't care. 35 million units of GTAV and 7 million units of The Last Of Us say otherwise to such a idea.

Most gamers actually care about a smooth game with great graphics vs a resolution.

As to why you see they didn't dumb the game down JUST to hit 60fps...

I mean...would you rather them use an engine from the PS3 days just to get 60fps? And what? Not have it looking like the best looking game thus far this gen?

Sorry..but there is a reason why The Order thus far is the best looking next gen only title.

The more demanding an engine, the less likely to see it run 1080p, 60fps etc.

XabiDaChosenOne1397d ago

Please explain to me how Abriaels response was unprofessional?

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SoapShoes1397d ago

Don't feed the troll abriael.


All I know is that in a few more ps4 activates beast mode!

WelkinCole1397d ago

So you are saying that no devs should make any claims or talk about their game until after the game is release?. lol!

AutoCad1397d ago

Have yall noticed that everytime they announce a game on PS4 to be 1080p 60fps,they cant achieve it so they have to say well 30fps seems to be better for the game..Nobody ever calls out SONY for over promising things.

OrangePowerz1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

When was it announced that it will run at 60fps? Don't mix up "we aim to have it run at 60fps" with "it will be 60fps".

The amount of agrees shows what people frequent articles for the Order.

Abriael1397d ago

What I did notice is that the order was never once promised or even mentioned being over 30 fps

Repjaws1397d ago

When did the devs are RAD promise 1080P 60 FPS?Stop making stuff up.Also on an unrelated note can a person have less than one bubble?

OrangePowerz1397d ago

I wish, that way we could get rid of a lot of people. At least we got rid of TrueFan1 and GreenPowerz on the other hand they might have just changed to new accounts. AutoCad might be one of them.

Bennibop1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Yeah they don't bother doing that on x1 as it has no chance of reaching 1080p or even a solid 30fps.

Ps. Truefan1 now goes by the xblskull

marlinfan101397d ago

Isn't xbox the only console with a AAA exclusive that hit 1080p/60fps? Lol

XabiDaChosenOne1397d ago

@Marlinfan yet the PS4 has more AAA 1080p 60fps game on it so....

marlinfan101397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

and? i didnt say otherwise. he said x1 has no chance of reaching 1080p or 30 fps when its hit 1080p/60fps. my comment wasn't a shot at ps4 it was about the dumb logic in the comment above mine.

RzaDaRazor1397d ago

Sony doesn't have a single AAA exclusive at 60fps and won't for quite a while. Even Naughty Dog is back tracking on Uncharted 4. PS Forza Horizon 2 says HI!!!!

Man-Eee-Faces1397d ago


What AAA PS4 games are you referring to that hit 1080p with locked 60fps? I am not talking about indies or small arcade games like Strider either.

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kenshiro1001397d ago

You were promised a solid console with games. Sony kept that promise.

Stop with the trolling. It's getting pathetic at this point.

vega2751397d ago

Off topic

Next time you feel the need to pm me. Don't be a coward and block me from responding.

kenshiro1001396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I didn't block you. you were already on my block list to begin with.
Thanks for trying to derail the topic.

BG115791397d ago

Technicaly the game was announced with 24fps to be more cinematic, but the game played horribly.

breakdancefight1397d ago

As a matter of fact Sony had been called out for many things and sued for the many promises made for both PS3/PS4. Kill zone:Shadowfall, Vita cross play compatibility (not remote play) and numerous other things. Let's not make this about frame rate or resolution 1080p/60fps is a goal,but was never promised.

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Travis37081397d ago

So much The order 1886 news! I can't wait for this game to pass on by. So we can finally focus on Bloodborne and the other amazing exclusives!
Persona 5
Ratchet and clank
Uncharted 4
and so on.

Moldiver1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Dat Bloodborne :)

EDIT:Disagrees for liking blood borne? What the hell is wrong with you guys!? Some of you are being FAR too sensitive,

blockcoc1396d ago

They could not finish Froms other games maybe?

SoapShoes1397d ago

What if the media say those games suck too? You gonna wait for them to be over too?

OrangePowerz1397d ago

I can't wait for the articles on how Bloodborn has been downgraded, we already got them for UC4 with over half a year before release.

nucky641397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

check out gotti and dealer on youtube. despite IGN clearly stating that their "first 18 minutes of bloodborne" vid was from an earlier build of the game, those 2 idiots are posting "bloodborne is downgraded" vids on youtube in recent days.

there sure are a lot of idiots on the internet.

ion6661396d ago

I played the alpha it is not gonna be downgraded. Its a true souls game. Real gamers know about those souls games. But that order, Its all graphics and no gameplay. There was not one moment when I was like OMG!!!

Travis37081397d ago

Seriously? I got downvoted like that? are you guys this butthurt over the game? And @SoapShoes:

Those other games won't suck! We all knew the order 1886 would be bad, so stop trying to defend it. it's just one freaking game. We got all of those other exclusives coming out this year.

SoapShoes1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Shut up, I haven't defended this game(go get some reading comprehension) and we haven't even played the game. I don't know how good it will be but if the reviews are positive I'm coming back to you to rub it in your face.

Allsystemgamer1397d ago

It's not bad. It's great. I finished it yesterday

WelkinCole1397d ago

Sheep mentality. Because others say it bad then it is bad?.

We all know it is bad?. How the heck do we all know if like 99.999% of us have not played it yet.?.

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OldDude1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Because its really just a movie, and a movie at 30fps is fine.

@Abriael, maybe you should ask better questions such as how he feels about the mixed publicity the game is getting instead of being a fluff interviewer. Then again its Dualshockers, bought and paid for. You guys must've finally gotten bored with daily DC articles.

Moldiver1397d ago

Yeah, Its hard to tell who is better out of IGN and dualshockers. Sometimes I just dont know who to give my clicks too....

OrangePowerz1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

What could he say to the mixed publicity mainly from people who have only the goal to bash on the game without any intention of ever playing it and gain all their "facts" from watching one youtube video?

Also Eurogamer made an interview that went over some of the things.

Clonetrooper11391397d ago

But we are not at Eurogamer. We are here. Are you suggesting we go to another site?

Abriael1397d ago

Since you're so positive on what questions need to be asked, and you think you can do so much better, maybe you should get a site, then get accreditated for an interview, and ask the questions you like.

Personally, I'll ask the questions *I* care about. And when I get an interview about a game, I ask about the game, not about "publicty," that interests just console warriors seeking controversy and negativity, and in any case is more a publisher question than something you ask to a developer.

I asked him a lot of different things, which will interest actual gamers, and I'm pretty positive angry console warriors will rage at every single one of them.

Farmassy1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )


maybe you should ask questions that other people care about too. I mean its great to ask questions that you care about but are you writing the articles for yourself or for the public? Are you writing them so that you can reread them later or something , like its some kind of diary?

Also, you might want to ask questions about what is going on in the gaming world, not just about the games. I get not wanting to feed the fanboy war but I would be interested to hear his take on the scrutiny and not just give him softball questions.

"How did you make your game so awesome? I love you." are not the best kinds of questions to ask

Abriael1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

@Farmassy: I ask questions for those interested about the game. Not for those interested about fanboy wars.

I'm pretty sure there's a fair amount of people interested in knowing how certain things are achieved.

If focusing on the game and not on the controversy makes it "softball," i'm proud of playing softball.