Unfinished and Broken Games Too: Electric Bugaboo

Knowledge of Play Legit Writes "How can game developers not expect the possible blockbuster games, to have potentially millions of people trying to play at once? I understand that every day the gaming community grows and even more so every year. But when you project your sales numbers to the world, you better be ready for what comes if you meet those numbers."

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nucky641398d ago

I couldn't agree more with the author. too many games are being sent to retail with problems. another question is how are reviewers missing all of the issues?

Relientk771398d ago

I think its more reviewers not acknowledging them, as opposed to missing them. And that's just worse, and definitely unfair to the developers putting out games that aren't broken and bugged.

nucky641398d ago

yea, and my feeling - if reviewers don't report major bugs like what was found in AC:U, how can they be trusted at all?