Return Of The Tombs: The Puzzles Of Rise Of The Tomb Raider

"While visiting Crystal Dynamics for our extensive March cover story on Rise of the Tomb Raider, the development team emphasized that they were planning on responding to criticism of the last game by increasing the amount of large tombs for players to explore this time around."

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DarkOcelet1395d ago

I really hope the tombs this time are hard to figure out and solve because they were way too easy in the first one. So looking forward to this game.

KiwiViper851395d ago

Ye they were a total afterthought.

But Lara couldn't just be a master Tomb Raider right off the bat.

I'm sure they'll range in difficulty from casual to cryptic.

DarkOcelet1395d ago

I really wish they can have a difficulty for the puzzles just like Silent Hill. It would be amazing. The harder the difficulty, the harder the puzzle.

Stiffler1394d ago

I hope for the same thing Dark. The harder the tombs, the more interested I am and thus the content lasts far longer. Games that are too easy get buried in my game pile fairly quickly for obvious reasons so the same thing applies to many different genres of games.

Can't wait for this!!

Kingdomcome2471394d ago

I read that the puzzles will be multi-faceted, and they'll require you to attack them from different angles. They also mentioned game's tendency nowadays to go easy on the player so as not to cause any frustration. So I hope they challenge our minds, not just our trigger fingers.

Father__Merrin1395d ago

tbh I'm not a fan of very hard puzzles in games like this, happy to keepbtrying for 10 mins or so with clues amd prompts

lemoncake1395d ago

The lack of decent tombs was one of my main issues, you cannot have tombraider with crappy tombs. Really glad that they are making them more interesting. The more I hear the more I cannot wait to get my hands on this game.