Battlefield Hardline Achievements Announced

Battlefield Hardline achievements have been detailed. The game has 40 achievements totaling 1000 points.

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jdogg691370d ago

This game is going to be really good I just hope single player is worth it too.

TheSuperior 1370d ago

That's what I am hopping for too. I probably wont buy it unless I hear some good news about single player. Multiplayer is good but I like myself a good well rounded game.

Matt6661368d ago

It feels like to me after playing the beta its trying to become cod more and more

RezaFun1370d ago

I'm not really looking forward to this game. Same thing different outfits.

KiwiViper851370d ago

You just described every game franchise ever.

USMC_POLICE1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

How? if this was call of duty i would agree but the entire game plays different from other battlefields. Only thing the same is guns and a couple game modes, using that logic every shooter is the same.

KiwiViper851370d ago

These achievements are totally skewed towards single player, that's a good sign for me. I'm not a multiplayer but would give it a go for the 1k.

TheSuperior 1370d ago

That is what I was thinking. I am really into achievements like this and am actually surprised it is so geared toward single player. Makes me think the single player game will actually be worth a try this time around :)

tylercolp1370d ago

Looking forward to this one!