Bethesda promises "good news soon" for The Evil Within episodic DLC

What the heck is going on with the 'due in early 2015' episodic DLC for The Evil Within? Surely we should have heard something by now. Bethesda has tweeted we'll be getting "good news soon".

The horror game released last October and it's due three episodes to continue the nightmare, with the first two about detective Juli Kidman, and the third letting us take the role of The Keeper.

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Crimzon1368d ago

My idea of good news from Bethesda would involve a sequel to Dishonored.

KiwiViper851368d ago

...Dishonored 2

MilkMan1368d ago

Id like to read something about Dishonored, Fallout, clarify the situation with DLC for Evil Within (maybe expand on it a bit), Id love to hear about Wetlands.
And maybe a couple of new IP's we haven't heard about.

Id like to give The Elder Scrolls a rest for a bit.

Skate-AK1368d ago

Says the page can't been found. I wonder if they deleted the tweet?