'The Order: 1886' Developer Makes A Flawed Argument About Game Length

Now that Evolve has launched last week, the other major console release of the month is The Order: 1886, the Sony PS4 exclusive developed by Ready at Dawn and SCE Santa Monica, who between them have been responsible for PlayStation’s famed God of War series over the years.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be a major game release without some sort of controversy, and the issue this time is an old one, a debate about game length that was sparked by a YouTuber uploading what he claims is the entire game online, which clocks in at just over five and a half hours, including the game’s lengthy integrated cutscenes.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

I'm really sorry for ready At Dawn for all the hate and criticism this game has got prior release. It's insane! You know your game is the most hated game when hater photoshop screenshots to claim downgrade and you game gets daily articles about the same thing. As someone excited for this game I feel really annoyed for the lack of respect toward this tittle and RaD. Not liking this generation of gamers so far...

Just before this we had people concerned about the gameplay. The gameplay has been proven to be good, and now it is length. Where were the articles about Metal Gear Solid 4 and Revengeance about their length? Those game were 5 hrs at most. Lentgh has always been a minor issue since forever, but people seemed not to care about it because of all the fun time short games can give you. A game that teaches you, entertain you , sticks in your mind, and is fun is the definition of a great game and worth $60.

I won't regret paying $60 bucks for this game as long as it's fun and memorable. I don't think neither Watch Dogs nor far Cr 4 are worth $60 bucks because of how boring they get and how forgettable they are. If you only look at open world and repetitive fetch quest to determine whether a game is worth the money is asking instead QUALITY, then you have a problem.

Quality > Quantity.

Harkins17211373d ago

You should see the people saying "oh there just a PSP dev so dont expect much out of the game." That pisses me off. How are you goign to let Devs grow if you dont give them a chance?

PoSTedUP1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

its just haters. this game will do well, 19M ps4's sold and a lot of people cant wait to get their hands on it. hate wont stop it, Sony and its fanbase are too strong right now. bitter fanboys are trying tho, thats for d*mn sure.

i remember the hate for TLoU and its linear, QTE gameplay showings before it released. granted "hate" wasnt as wide spread and popular as it is now. but it all came from one side of the fence.

The Order looks dope and unique, a real treat. MS should be worried that PlayStation keeps getting these awesome looking games and has an insanely established first party dev team. the PS4 is already dominating, these top-notch games are going to play a major factor for the rest of the marketshare and looks to possibly seal the deal. PlayStation is dominating like PlayStation without any of the games that made it PlayStation. Just Wait.

Sevir1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Driveclub got tons of hare and low scores and fanboys bashed it for its launch, and the game went on to sell over 1 million copies is enjoyed by all who own it.

The Order 1886 will do fine! :)

shallowpoint1372d ago

I bet all this hate is going to upset RAD enough that they will never want to work on an Xbox One title. If Sony does try purchase RAD I bet they sign the deal!

98xpresent1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

So you won't regret paying $60 for a 5 hr game with no multiplayer and no co-op. If this game sells millions expect more games to be five hours or less without multiplayer or co-op at 60 bucks.

You guys see how remasters took off.

@Smokingmonkey I don't have a xbone so I could careless about that game

And I never said I wouldnt enjoy it, but that's 60 bucks for 5 hrs

OrangePowerz1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Because someone finished it in 5 hours makes it a fact that everybody else will finish it that quick?

A game not having coop or MP is not relevant. All of my favourite games are SP games that either don't have coop or MP or I barely touched those modes.

Edit: Correction that most of my favourite games don't have coop or MP. I like games like WoW, CS and so on that obviously are MP only.

Aloy-Boyfriend1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

I'm pretty sure I won't as long as the game is fun and memorable. DO you want to know what has been my biggest regret this generation and maybe the biggest of all time? Buying Destiny Guardian edition for $60 bucks and even worse...DIGITAL.

Yeah, an open world game with co-op and multiplayer that is boring, overhyped, shallow in content, with content cut from the game to sell them as DLC, no story, repetitive as hell. Need I say more?

All because of I thought they will never drop the ball because of Halo; all because of how the media were hyping the game calling it the best thing to happen this gen, I payed $90 bucks without hesitation, and it was a waste of money.

See how other kind games can't be a waste as well? Destiny has no quality. Only the gameplay stands out until it gets repetitive. If The Order has quality story and gameplay, despite its length though I'm sure I will put more than 5 hrs, then I won't be a waste of money

SmokingMonkey1373d ago

Are you going to feel the same way if Quantum Break has no online?

and to answer your question; Yes

if that game looks and plays like this;


sizeofyou1373d ago

I won't. As long as I enjoy it as a game. Same with any other game. Any other film. Any other music.
Someone bought one of my vinyls for £130 a few years back. Only 38 minutes long. Was what it was worth to them. Hope they enjoyed it. Hope I enjoy game.

Melankolis1373d ago

I'm itched to answer your questions. I won't. The game may last 5, 10 hours, you name it but, if the game contain unforgettable moments, that would last forever...

And, no, not all people are like you. Many gamers don't care about multiplayer or co-op as long as the game itself deserve purchasing...

Yeees, MG Rising, Vanquish, they deserve every penny...

gamerfan1281373d ago

The Order is 8 hours on an average (non-rushed) playthrough.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1373d ago

I could care less about multiplayer or co-op and most gamers don't either.

The truly amazing thing about this 5 hour play through, no one seems to want to admit that it was a speed run.

izumo_lee1373d ago

'So you won't regret paying $60 for a 5 hr game with no multiplayer and no co-op'

Where does it say that a game HAS to have multiplayer or co-op to be worth the money? There is no rule for that argument at all.

Back in the day we spent nearly 100 dollars for games that have even less game time, didn't mean that they were not worth it.

Bioshock Infinite was one of the funnest games I played last gen. It had no multiplayer or co-op. Was it worth the $60 (70 canadian where i'm from)? Absolutely.

TrollityTroll1373d ago

I don't play online at all (refused to pay for live, refuse to do the same with PSN). So, to me, a good single player story is far more important than multiplayer with a tacked on solo campaign.
So yes, I'd gladly pay full retail price for a SP only game, even if it is short, if it's an enjoyable experience with my limited play time.
I blasted through MGS4 in less than 3 hours on the hardest difficulty. I finished all Gears games (apart from judgement) solo on the hardest difficulties in less than 5 hours. Alan Wake was less than 5 hours after the first play through and was one of my favourite games last gen.
In the same way I'm happy to buy an Alexander McQueen tshirt or eat at a Michelin starred restaurant, I have no issue with spending money on something if it provides me with what I believe to be value for money and provides me with what I want.
Each to their own. Here's an idea, if you're not happy with the game length or anything else just don't buy it. It's gone gold, no amount of bitching is going to change the game now.

Death1373d ago

I won't argue that you don't care about co-op or multiplayer. To say that "most" don't care though is hard to agree with. Most games now come with a multiplayer aspect to it to add to the games value and length. In many ways it has become a standard feature. If most people didn't want multiplayer or co-op, then why do developers bother? Why did Sony bother making it so gamers could play co-op remotely via SharePlay? Your assessment of people not wanting co-op or multiplayer is unfounded at best and it is somewhat disappointing that the Order doesn't have it. It's obviously something that many want or we wouldn't be here discussing it.

thekhurg1373d ago

Didn't bother me that I spent $60 on each God of War game that was pretty much the same thing. If you're the type of gamer that never replays stuff, that's what Gamefly is for, or wait for this game to go to the bargain bin. There's nobody putting a gun to your head telling you to buy this in the first minutes of release.

Blazin_281373d ago

Id rather pay $60 for 5 great hours than 100 boring hours.

TrollityTroll1372d ago

@ DEATH - Was your response aimed at me?
If so I think you'll find I only ever used the term I and me when referring to the game content.

So, if your response is to me, I'd be interested to see how you came to the conclusion that I was talking about "most". When discussing my own preferences I only ever used the singular, not the plural.

Are you reading things that aren't there? I struggle to find, in my post, where I even inferred anything that would lead you to conclude "To say that "most" don't care though is hard to agree with." and "Your assessment of people not wanting co-op or multiplayer is unfounded at best ". I don't recall ever saying that and, re-reading my post, still can't find anything that would lead to that conclusion?

Mykky1372d ago

I'm not gonna bash you as I see your point and I too have concerns about The Order. BUT short games can usally be the best ones. TLOU, Uncharted and God of War are marvelous games and they can all be completed around 10 hours without even rushing. (and I'm sure The Order will definitely last longer than 5 hours if you play it as it should be played.)
I'll gladly pay 60 bucks for The Order if it offers a well written story and has decent gameplay. The gaming industry are short on smart and well written stories so I'll gladly support this game if it delivers.

purp13m0nk3y1372d ago

Just because some clown rushed through a game, on it's easiest setting, without taking the time to explore and savoir the experience means absolutely nothing.

It will more realistically take 10-12 hrs on a challenging difficulty level without rushing it. And that IMO is spot on.

bsquwhere1372d ago

What?!? My head made a cracking noise when I tried to think logically about what you said. Then I realized that was it. There is no sane reasonable logic used at all in your statement.

Thank God, I thought something was wrong with me.

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Mk221373d ago

Come on this game won't be fun nor memorable. I'm predicting a metascore in the low seventies at best.

OB1Biker1373d ago

If 'being fun and memorable' has anything to do with review scores for you then that's sad

Aloy-Boyfriend1373d ago

And who are you to say that? It's a possibility, and I'm willing to give it a chance.

TrollityTroll1373d ago

Ah, one of those people who believe games with metacritic scores in the 70's are neither fun nor memorable. I think that pretty much says everything about you that needs to be said ...

isa_scout1373d ago

Dying Light is in the low 70s and it's probably one of the best co-op games I've played in recent years. In the end you play the game not the score. Sure, it's cool when a game you love is received well(TLOU), but if it had scored a 40 on metacritic I would've still played the crap out of it.

poor_cus_of_games1372d ago

@Mk22 predict that you'll have as many bubbles as me soon with a comment like that.

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Saijahn1373d ago

lol Ryse was being bashed and photoshopped as well. At the end of the day if you want to drop 60 bucks on The Order fine, that's your gaming right.It may not be for everyone though and that's okay.

Doletskaya1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Feel sorry? This is what happens when you try to sell a 6-hour game with half the time being unskippable cutscenes for 60 bucks. There are videos on youtube for the entire playthrough for proof, and the guy playing it was playing it like a normal gamer would.

And memorable? I can tell you that aside from the graphics, most gamers wouldn't find anything memorable in this game. Almost every single gunplay sequence in this game is a guy shooting human soldiers with rifles and pistols in a confined space throughout the entire freaking game.

I was actually looking forward to this game hoping that there were surprises and big gameplay features that weren't revealed. But after watching some of those videos, with the way Sony is hyping up this game, I find it hard not to hate it cause it feels like a scam to get as many as people to buy it on day one before everyone discovers how bad it is.

Don't think that everyone hates it cause it's a Sony exclusive or something. Bloodborne has the same status but it is literally everyone's sweetheart. Will be buying that game day one.

OB1Biker1373d ago

The way Sony is hyping the game? How strange. Aren't they supposed to do just that?
I suppose many got influenced by all the bad press the game got and aren't even aware of it
Nobody is forced to buy it like all the games that are usually hyped prior to their release.


This game is getting too much hype... really! The game looks amazing but if someone says it's bad or not long enough then people don't want to believe it or take it as an option.

I REALLY hate the fact that I see a DriveClub article on here EVERYDAY and NEVER see a Forza Horizon 2 article hardly ever. FH2 played all the cards right, gave the consumer a polished experience and more overall full filling game than DC is but just goes to show how this site is Pro Sony even when another game on a different platform is every way better except graphics... giving me disagrees will just prove im right so go ahead and keep that one track closed minded outlook and you all will go far in life ;)

kpat19821373d ago

Jesus mate, if that annoys you then you really need to get out more, go meet a girl or something

kpat19821373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Edit, double post

MasterCornholio1373d ago

More like the game gets too much hate.

But that's just my opinion.

OB1Biker1372d ago

'giving me disagrees will just prove im right so go ahead '

Im struggling with that one.

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Spinal1373d ago

I'm sorry but when you say Quality over Quantity, I laugh as from what I can see from The Order 1886 its clearly Graphics over Gameplay and thats a big NO NO.

Gameplay>Graphics. Please refer to Gears 1 and The Last Of Us to get a better understanding of this.

isa_scout1373d ago

Gears of War and TLOU both had great gameplay and stellar graphics for when they were released. Unless your argument is that gamers should expect both quality and quantity. Then I would agree with you. In the end it's every gamers decision to judge whether a game is worth their money. I spent $160.00 on The Order premium Edition(I collect game statues for my game room), but if someone else feels like this game sucks and isn't worth a penny then ultimately that's their opinion and they're entitled to it... They'd be wrong though....That's my opinion.

Dark111373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Quality > Quantity? I will get BOTH when i buy Witcher 3 and batman arkham night.

People deserve BOTH Quality and Quantity for their $60.

starchild1373d ago


People like you are absolutely ridiculous. You can't stand if The Order 1886 gets any criticism at all, but you will turn around and hate on other games and developers without a second thought.

So it's ok to hate on Far Cry 4 and Watch Dogs, but you feel sorry for Ready at Dawn? Talk about hypocrisy. And this isn't the first time you've done it. You hate on all kinds of things.

I guess the takeaway is this, being critical of a Sony exclusive or Sony developer is forbidden, but it's open season on other games and developers.

Personally, I enjoyed Watch Dogs and Far Cry 4, so I really don't care what you think of them. In my opinion, they don't deserve the hate that people like you direct at them. Why can't you be the same way with The Order 1886? If you like it, or if you think you will like it, just enjoy it and don't worry about what other people think about it.

ninsigma1373d ago

But the far cry and watchdogs have been released, so people can actually make their own judgement on them by playing them. Not saying your opinion of those games is wrong btw.

Every game needs to be criticized, it's how the industry grows. But this has evolved from criticism to hate over a game that hasn't been released. If people want to take what's being said and from the video as true and are unhappy about that, then fair play to them, that is their right. But people have been really trying hard to downplay this game and drag it's name through the mud for absolutely no reason. I know this happens with all big games but it seems to have been taken to a new level with the order. And I agree with @XiKurapikaKurta, it is unfair on the devs. They have been praised before for their work on God of War (I haven't played them myself) but suddenly they are not a dev worth their salt?? If they're away in the corner making a game for a little system like the psp the doesn't matter to the masses it's ok, but as soon as they try their hand at their first big project that's exclusive to a big console, that's a problem?? Because that's what it's feeling like now a days.

Like I've said in other posts, I'm not defending the game. I am excited for it, and I think it looks like it could be a good one, but there is no point in destroying the game before it releases. It really hurts the developers (and like I said these devs have been praised before). They haven't done anything yet to turn gamers against them so they really don't deserve it. Not all gamers read into game news so it can often come down to word of mouth and if they get a negative vibe over something that's not even warranted they may not buy it which means we won't get great future titles WITH actual criticism taken on board. All this fanboy nonsense does nothing but hurt the industry.

GTgamer1373d ago

Oh look yarbie the troll is at it again #yawn still buying the game so yall hate campaign is failing but hey I guess when you have nothing new to play this month you put that free time to use.

jb2271373d ago

I totally agree w/ everything you said. In addition to that, I keep seeing people throw around this "replayability" argument, where a game should be forced to give you features like mp or new game+ to "give you a reason" to keep playing, but all of this is relative. If the mp is great & it doesn't detract from the main goal of the game, sure throw it in there, same for new game+...but why are people demanding these features be included when more often than not they are pointless ways to waste some valuable time or bullet points for the back of the box to appease the masses?

You know what really encourages me to replay a game, more than any mode or function they could add? A great solid campaign. I've replayed every Naughty Dog game from last gen at least 5 & in some cases 10 times, that's all w/o ever once touching the mp mind you, I know those games like the back of my hand and they still draw me back in.

Remember when you were a kid and you'd only get a couple games a year if you were lucky? I know I wore out my copy of Maximum Carnage for the snes & that game is lodged in my memory for it. Gamers (and people in general) are too spoiled for choice these days, instead of giving half a shot to a thousand different games, I personally like to really do my homework and find around a dozen a year that are worthy and truly experience every nook & cranny multiple times. That's why I tend to like more focused experiences that may be shorter but are 100% thoughtful quality vs. these scattershot open worlds & rpg's that are typically 40% quality at best, w/ the rest of the time in the game spent on things that are simply there to pass it.

At the end of the day I guess I'd rather spend my time re-examining things that have impacted me than wasting it doing things that simply kill it. We run down the clock too often in life w/o realizing it when we should be cramming every minute w/ things we actively enjoy, regardless of whether or not we've experienced them already.

WelkinCole1372d ago


I am sure RAD are fine as is. They are professionals and can take constructive criticism and ignore the the rest of this hate fest. They understand exactly what you mentioned here.

Many gamers and so called journalist are just jealous.

Many cry about getting bored of the same games like COD and AC but when a dev tries to do something a bit different they all want to burn them down. Translation?. Its not on my console of choice or not the type of game I want so I want to destroy it.

It is sad but it is just the reality with many young and stupid gamers now days.

Oh my god how dare they make a game I don't want or I can't play on my console!!!. It is so sad on so many levels.

I have full confidence that their first home console work will be great and polished that will be successful.

midnight_231372d ago

Mgs4 5 hours? -- did we play the same game??

aCasualGamer1372d ago

I read the article and i actually agree with many of the points the writer put forward.

What i don't agree with is when he put up Last Of Us, Bioshock infinite and shadow of mordor saying they are games that are about 10-15 hours and don't have much replayability after the main campaign. Shadow of mordor has tons of replay value and so does last of us with its multiplayer mode. Bioshock infinite i do agree with. But these are by large perfect lenghts for a single player only game. Anything underneath that and you start to feel like you bought an overpriced ticket for a movie that ended after 45 minutes.

Here's the thing. I doubt the Order is under 8 hours. All those youtube uploaders that posted those vids were probably up to something. However, i would love to see more than 8 hours of this world since it's a single player campaign and nothing more. I think it's too much to ask gamers for 60$ for a single player campaign that's not more than 8 hours with cutscenes.

I'm probably going to enjoy it more than most as i do go around every corner looking for any and everything to interact with.

However, the fact that average play time will probably land at 8 hours, means the 60$ pricetag is a bit too much to ask for in my opinion. If there's only a singleplayer campaign and nothing else, it should be at least 10-12 hours.

I had the same issue with heavenly sword for example where i paid 60$ for the game and it had a 6 hour campaign with nothing else to offer. The game itself had a very cinematic tale and very high quality execution for the time, but it's still over after 6 hours and no matter how good of a game, if it's only 6 hours, you're gonna ask yourself why you paid so much for it.

That's alot to ask for in my opinion in 2015 where there are alot of good games you can choose from.

joab7771372d ago

I commend them for having a vision and seeing it through. If it's good, it's good.

The only issue I may see arise is if we get 3 story dlc's that seem to extend the main story and when added to the 10 hr campaign, it's more like $16, and ends up being $100. That may be an issue, but if it's successful, it's made in a universe in which the story could and probably should continue awhile.

I guess we wait and see. But I am looking forward to it for sure.

IrisHeart1372d ago

No bias here! No bias at all! Gon would be proud!

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DanielGearSolid1373d ago

I really can't believe what i'm seeing with this game.

The media is going so hard to hate it

wodan1373d ago

Oh look it is the trash site forbes again.

one of forbes article:

DragonbornZ1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Actually read it. It's a good article with some good points. And guy who wrote that article in ur link was speculating at the time and has another article now kind of a preview of his impressions of the game, which he says he enjoyed.

OrangePowerz1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

The response was regarding finishing the game in 3 hours he called that one as being wrong.

Didn't [email protected] post at some point on Twitter that takes around 10 hours?

As for the 5 hours playthrough I have high doubts that it was a normal playthrough and I doubt very much that most people will do their first playthrough in that time.

Forbes should stick with doing articles about finance.

MilkMan1373d ago Show
MasterCornholio1373d ago

Well the game doesn't sound bad at all and it seems like a good first effort from [email protected] on a console game.

He also mentioned that he beat it in around 8 hours which is a little low but not terrible.

XabiDaChosenOne1373d ago

My thoughts exactly, day 1 for me.