The Witcher: DuelMail Becomes The Witcher: Versus

From Kotaku "Remember The Witcher: DuelMail, the free-to-play browser fighting game based on the hit PC RPG that ate up a whole lot of productivity when it went into open beta back in March? Well the beta is over, and the game has a new, more sensible name - The Witcher: Versus."

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fermcr3781d ago

The Witcher, a great RPG... you should buy this game.

iamtehpwn3781d ago

versus XIII. =]

No, but seriously, No title should bear the subtitle Versus now after XIII.

TheIneffableBob3781d ago

Wow. This is pretty amazing.

kingme713781d ago

Wasn't it brought up the Witcher was being ported to consoles? Is that still happening?