Store Offers Moustache Owners Free The Order: 1886 DLC

Belgian retailer Game Mania seems to think that a moustache is a must-have though, as it’s offering the Knight’s Endurance Pack DLC for free with The Order: 1886 to anyone who comes into the store bearing one.

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DarkOcelet1070d ago

Damn, What about Beard owners?? I got an epic beard, well not as epic as Percival but i think its epic enough to warrant me that dlc.

Septic1070d ago

Lets see this mighty beard.

Has DLC been announced for this?

DarkOcelet1070d ago

Lol! I will think about that.

About the dlc its the Knight’s Endurance Pack DLC thats from the Conspiracy trailer at the end.

Crimzon1070d ago


I saw you in an Evolve article getting really angry that the game had DLC. Why aren't you angry that The Order has DLC as well?

Forn1070d ago


The DLC for The Order is a color variation on two weapons, and a color variation on one of the outfits. Don't compare that with Evolve lmao.

iliimaster1070d ago

one stash to rule them allllllll!

Ausbo1070d ago

That's a cool creative promotion. I'd definitely grow my stache out for some free dlc.

Dewitt1070d ago

I love this promotion, awesome idea Belgian's!

Ciporta19801070d ago

Greatest offer of all time

GokuSolosAll1070d ago

Guess I am getting some free DLC.

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The story is too old to be commented.