Has modern gaming destroyed visionaries?

LazyGamer:"I am bored of far too many games, lately. Everything feels repetitive and overdone with solid ideas getting rinsed and repeated to the point of becoming washed out. We all long for something unique and innovative, something that will set a new benchmark for gaming, but are we actually destroying that creative process and innovative thinkers?"

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DarkOcelet1398d ago

Peter Molyneux might have the ideas in his head but they never get out. That is his problem. He should never share his vision unless he can actually do it. Some people for instance Kojima, the guy blew us away with P.T. Now that is innovation. He doesn't come gloating and says crap like Peter does.

MasterCornholio1398d ago

People keep complaining that we attack Peter too much but the truth is that he deserves the criticism. If he was more like Kojima then that wouldn't happen.

breakpad1398d ago

molyneux is neither visionary nor a developer .

MasterCornholio1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )


What about ground zeroes?

Kojima delivered on his promise with it.

dcbronco1397d ago

People complain about Molyneux talking about ideas before hand too often. Unfortunately one of the habits of successful people is talking about things in order to provide the drive to actually do them. There are best selling books written that tell you to do exactly that if you want to be successful.

His problem is the average man and their average everything else. The ability to conceive a vision unlike anything out there right now is what drives innovation. Not doing the same sh-- over and over. How long have we seen rehashed gaming mechanics like exploding barrels and QTEs.

People laugh about things like Milo and Kate. But an AI on that level would have brought so much more to gaming than any combination of QTEs or exploding barrel combos. People claim they want innovation but then mock those that try to give it to us.

Over and over is easy. Just ask a member of that 35 man development team EA uses to make Madden every year. But innovation is hard. That's why most don't even try. Even worse, they don't have the vision to do it anyway. So I would rather have a Peter Molyneux talking about trying to do new and innovative things to push gaming forward instead of Bobby Koticks only talking about how they can get more money for less work. Because only guys like Molyneux will ever get us the promises we get with every new console generation instead of the graphics update that we always end up with.

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Tiqila1398d ago

Molyneux might have had some great ideas but they are worth nothing without the ability to realize them. When I was young me and some friends always imagined the most fascinating video games that should be made. It's worth nothing to be able to imagine games like Skyrim, GTA 5, EVE or Minecraft. The ability to create them is what matters and Peter Molyneux wasn't able to realize any of his phantasies (besides his earliest games). On top of that he made a lot of unhold promises. He is a visionary who can't deliver, just like a kid that envisions things like how awesome it would be to talk to your computer!

yewles11398d ago

No, overpromising has destroyed visionaries.

miyamoto1398d ago

visionary? Project Natal? or smoke and mirrors lies?

poppinslops1398d ago

Whatever your opinion of these 'visionaries' the article does have a point... There's big money in big, flashy blockbuster games, especially if you can spin 'em into a franchise.
The videogame industry knows this.
The movie industry does the same thing.
It's a High-risk/High-reward strategy that publishers like EA and Activision have ALMOST perfected.

Which is fine... I like big, flashy blockbusters.
The bigger, the better!

Still, it's not like there aren't stacks of new and interesting things going on... There's a huge list of bizarre-looking 'indies' coming out this year, not to mention all the cool new tech (VR, AR, cloud computing etc).

I believe we're at the start of a new Golden-Age for gaming... the true visionaries will prove me right.

Godmars2901398d ago

This is a bulk of the damage comes from the move towards HD. The increased production costs of the PS3 and 360 ruined a lot of companies. Just like the "demand" for bleeding edge specs forced the migration of PC devs to consoles.

dcbronco1397d ago

High risk/ high reward? EA and Activision. Are you kidding? Madden 27 and Call of Duty 31 are high risk? EA is changing, but Activision isn't really doing anything new. In general those two companies are purely about profit.

Ripco_Keller1398d ago

Ideas are a dime a dozen, what we need are people who can execute them. Anyone can rattle off a dozen great concepts for a game, but it's worthless if your end product can't match up to your promises. This isn't a matter of gamers clamoring for new ideas and then shunning them, this is a matter of developers promising the moon and delivering crap.

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