Are review outlets, like IGN and Gamespot, giving gamers the full picture

The release of Evolve has split gamers opinions when it comes to the implementation of the games DLC. Whether you agree or disagree with this practice, consumers are entitled to know what to expect and how it may effect their game. So, why are so many top game sites completely omitting any mention of DLC from their reviews ? Information on DLC that may effect your core game experience is an important factor in modern gaming and should be included in a review. If not, how are consumers going to get the relevant information to make an informed decision.

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izumo_lee1370d ago

Ever since the Jeff Gerstmann controversy all large gaming sites should not be taken seriously. It was pretty clear that most of these sites care about 'hits' & giving favorable scores to please the 'ad money' given to them by publishers.

When review have the phrases like 'Too much variety' for a game like Ratchet & Clank from Gamespot you know there is something wrong with reviews these days.

3-4-51370d ago

* There is a site that tracks the truth of News Media shows.

* We need a site that tracks truth accuracy for the Video Game Journalists.

* I mean we look at stats for athletes right.....why not look at stats for Journalists to get a nice sense of if we can trust them or not.

* When you look at Miguel Cabrerra's can tell he is awesome. The stats don't lie. They can't.

Same thing would apply.

We just fact check everyone, and then out them publicly for being liars.

Make a website called

And list all the names, WITH picture, of the people who lie to us for money.

Have a Link to all their lies vs comparison of the truth, so they can easily see the difference.

Then and only then would people start doing something about it.

GarrusVakarian1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

The job of sites like IGN isn't to give gamers the full picture, it's to push a certain narrative (whichever one gets them the most clicks) and to maintain good relations with certain devs and publishers under the guise of giving gamers the full picture.

I'd rather buy a game blind than base my decision on what sites like IGN say. Or better yet, lose the middle man entirely and watch some YT videos and/or livestreams and/or read early impressions from ordinary folk who have received the game early online. That's worked well for me so far.

Septic1370d ago

Don't lie Lukas. You know you wait for Gameondaily reviews first.

admiralvic1370d ago

I will probably get a ton of disagrees for this, but this isn't the purpose of a review.

A review is an assessment of what is there, how well it's done and the overall value of the product. What you're looking for is more of an opinion piece, which is something a review should never be.

Look at it like this. If you take offense to something and want to make a big deal about it, then you look like an ***hole putting it in the review. If you feel Mario should have colored characters besides the Mii, then write an editorial, not put it in your review like it has any merit. The same is true here.

Ultimately the costumes are just that, costumes. They add no tangible value like characters / expansions do and most people seem to be more angry at the fact it's day 1 DLC than anything else (I honestly think Day 1 DLC is worse than on disc or at the very least even). In the end, if you feel strongly about it, then you should do an editorial ant not subject every person looking to see if the game is good or not to a long winded rant about your feelings of an issue just because it gives "the complete picture." Especially since it's impossible to give the "complete picture" to a game like Evolve.

Sy_Wolf1370d ago

Reviews are opinion pieces. Also did you really use the phrase "colored characters" in place of saying black people? This isn't the 60s...

admiralvic1369d ago

yes, but a different type of one. Like I tried to explain, you should focus on what it is and not what it could be. Likewise, these practices are becoming more common and should be in opinion pieces, not included in the review.

I said colored because I didn't want to simplify others views. Like just because you assume that people want black characters, doesn't mean there aren't some hoping for Latin, Asian and other groups that are not considered "white."

Volkama1370d ago

Dualshockers is the only website we can trust for honest reviews

DarkOcelet1370d ago

Dualshockers and AngryJOE.

Bansai1370d ago

are you serious Volk?

Volkama1370d ago

I am always serious. Even when I say utterly ridiculous things.

Toiletsteak1370d ago

I tend to go to Metacritic and look at all reviews apart from User reviews which is just full of trolls.

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