The Order: 1886 dev: 'an eyeball texture is bigger than all of the memory PSP can hold'

PSU writes:

Ready at Dawn, the creator behind The Order: 1886, speaks on the transition from PSP to PS4 with its hotly anticipated action-adventure title.

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PoSTedUP1006d ago

that.. hurts. *looks at psp* :/ . it's ok baby, he didnt mean it that way.

JMaine5181006d ago

Lmao!!! Damn that's crazy

Bansai1006d ago

more pointless comparisons...

It's a shame game's length is not bigger then their psp games.

thanhgee1006d ago


Just like the cloud will turn one Xbox one into three!

G20WLY1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

^What an idiotic thing to say, Ban. If you play a JRPG on PSP you can spend hundreds of hours.

Would The Order have to be in order to silence the trolls?

theshonen88991006d ago

Honestly, will anyone notice that much detail in the eyeballs? It really seems like a pointlessly ornate thing to worry about. I would rather that manpower to have gone into other things like story...

Forn1006d ago


Good thing the story looks amazing then.

inveni01005d ago


The guys who work on story are not the guys who work on eyeballs. Thank goodness.

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MasterCornholio1006d ago

Well that's probably true.

Poor PSP though.


nidhogg1006d ago

There was really no point in comparing the psp to anything about their game though. Handheld graphics and games are different and are special in their respective era.

TorpeAlex1006d ago

FIg you read the article, you know that they compared the two in terms of workload, since their last game was a handheld game.

ABeastNamedTariq1006d ago

This site (N4G) loves to harp I see. Four articles in a row relatively talking about the same thing lol. Game looks phenomenal though.

Farsendor11006d ago

all news is external and user approved. Sometimes articles can get blocked by mods if the article in question breaks rules.

nidhogg1006d ago

It's not the site's fault. Fanboys are going all over to find articles and hype about this game.

TFJWM1005d ago

Same as haters are approving every article against it, what's your point?

strangeaeon1006d ago

Rolls eyes. That's 2 PSPs.

Mikefizzled1006d ago

Probably more. Good animations require resources.

nidhogg1006d ago

Boy they really are driving this hypetrain to the water huh?

fonger081006d ago

Well yeah, they got to do something counter-act the supposed, "game-length" issue... interactive movies need their hype too.

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