Two new episodes of the Battlefield Hardline developer diaries are presented

Electronic Arts has published two new Battlefield Hardline developer diaries.

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AKissFromDaddy1369d ago

I'm most excited for Visceral's Battlefield than I've ever been for DICE's. The urban feeling is great to me and I prefer buying what I want than grind towards it.

Ashby_JC1369d ago

The many changes are welcomed!!!

I look forward to this game myself. I logged 100s of hours into BF4.

Logged about 15 hours into the BFH Beta. Didnt play the last few days because I was ready for the FULL retail game.

annoyedgamer1369d ago

I cannot believe I just read that...

Joey_Leone1369d ago

I'm looking forward to the game as well, it looks pretty damn good so far.

Detoxx1369d ago


The game feels fun and fresh, people saying it's the same as BF4 obviously have not put enough time into the game to feel a difference.

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Ashby_JC1369d ago

The little subtle nuances for gun sounds depending where your located always a plus!

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Pandamobile1369d ago

I'll say it. Hardline actually looks like it's shaping up to be a pretty stellar game, as long as it's stable and polished.

Visceral are a talented team and I'm actually pretty excited to see what they've cooked up.

mrmonk1369d ago

Yea I have 300+hrs on bf4 I prefer the military theme than cop and robbers wasn't even gonna get hard line then I played the beta and got hooked for some reason lol so now day 1 for me looking forward to release.