The Order 1886, Greatest Game of All Time, is a Thing that Exists

The Order: 1886, Sony’s hot new PS4 exclusive, has already been scientifically proven to not only be the greatest game of all time, but for all time. We might as well stop playing videogames because nothing, nothing, will live up to the liquid gold covered orgasm that is The Order 1886.

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Farmassy952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

what does the title even mean?

This article is pointless. There is literally no new information or analysis here. Move along everyone

OB1Biker952d ago

lol Im guessing a kinda satire article trying to get clicks on the main 'topic' on N4G these days.


thrust952d ago

I watched a much better movie last night

FunAndGun952d ago

Well according to these haters your movie couldn't have been better because the run time was too short. Short anything means instant crap, didn't you know?

uth11952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

There's medication for whatever they're suffering from

Genki952d ago

What the article seeks to point out is that it's the fanboys who need meds, or a life (maybe both?).

It highlights the absurd, cult-like devotion some people have for this game when they haven't even played it, as their hypocrisy for deeming praise A-OK while condemning anything negative or critical is contradictory.

Caffo01952d ago

so why not highlight the criticism and negative view toward the game from people who only played a demo? it works both ways.

starchild952d ago

It does work both ways in terms of criticism and praise. But only one of them is allowed apparently. That's the point.

guyman952d ago

O i just had to give this article a click... big mistake

"These horrible human beings, if that even, point to an over-reliance of quick time events, too many cutscenes with no player interaction, bad writing, linear levels, a short playtime"

The bullshit meter is going crazy

TripC50952d ago

The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time

Don't even.

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The story is too old to be commented.