Why Would You Want To Finish The Order 1886 In Five Hours?

Clipping Error discuss why gamers would want to finish The Order 1886 in five hours and ruin it for themsleves. They comment on why the youtuber who raised the supposed play time via their playthrough managed to finish the game so quickly, but ultimately explain how this is the wrong way to play a single player only game.

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Septic1402d ago

Maybe because you have 6 hours to live and you want to watch watch the latest episode of Better Call Saul?

TomShoe1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

1. Better Call Saul is great. I need to watch Breaking Bad.

2. I never understood why people rush through a game without taking their time to look through the scenery and find collectibles. The developers obviously worked hard to put all of that there. To rush through the story and say it was too short, you're likely missing out on a huge part of the final game. This whole thing is getting a bit overblown, and I know that YouTuber is cackling with glee with all the clicks he's getting. This game is for people who enjoy old-fashioned SP experiences. If you're not a fan, than I would point you in the direction of Ubisoft and their "Open World" games full of meaningless fetch quests and filler. I wouldn't mind 5 to 8 hours of gameplay as long as it was tight, action packed, and told a great story.

It's a shame the reviewers are going to start canning it because of it's short length. I can already tell, they (especially Polygon) are already smelling blood in the water.

HaydenJameSmith1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

You need to watch BREAKING BAD!!! I know Better Call Saul is kind of a prequel (before BB) but I'd recommend watching Breaking Bad first, just suits the story telling better...

Regards to The Order, I don't think the games quality is defined by it's length however I do think the length (or amount of content available) does define how much it is worth. When I spend $60 on a game I want it to last me a good while... example (Far Cry 4, DA:I, GTA 5, FH2, Last of Us) all lasted me at least 50+ hours based on all the content thats available and I get its all subjective and is going to vary from person to person, some people just like playing the games story over and over but I and I think most people don't - It's a cinematic game and just like with a movie the first time you go through it (see it) will be the best experience and you can't ever get that back no matter how many times you replay it.

I bought Ryse day one - I liked it but objectively it was an average game and wasn't very long (it had MP which gave it a bit of replay ability) but however if I was to go back before I bought (knowing how long it was) it I would have waited to pick it up cheaper and that is why I think I will wait to pick up The Order 1886 when it goes down in price. For me to justify spending $60 on a game I need to get at least 25+ hours of quality content... I am in no way saying this is a bad game or anything cause I will be picking it up when it goes down in price.

Kingscorpion19811402d ago

Wolfenstein: The New Order, Shadow of Mordor, BioShock Infinite and The Last of Us have all been dramatically shorter than the aforementioned games, ranging from probably 10-15 hours with not much replayability to them, if any. And yet, they’ve been some of my favorite titles of the last few years regardless, because of how well their campaigns were designed, or how well their stories were told. I don’t regret paying full retail for any of them, even if they didn’t give me sixty hours of side-quests to pad out my experience.

joab7771402d ago

These articles are so absurd. Of its a great experience, then it's fine. You can't expect them to sell it for $30 based on campaign time. It's based on cost to produce. So, they didn't add 30 hrs of pointless side quests. They spent their time and money on their vision, a cinematic type experience with unparalleled immersion and a great story. Throw in good combat and great weapons and either it's worth your money or it isnt.

For me, I don't mind playing games like this, and supporting the devs. Would I only play games like this? No. But a couple times a yr, it's fine.

BABY-JEDI1402d ago

Maybe because YOU want to go on N4G to TROLL with your comments Septic!

Elda1402d ago

These articles are becoming monotonous.

ABeastNamedTariq1402d ago

Just clogging up the front page, yeesh.

Saksoy1402d ago

If its takes 5 hours to complete, what else you going to do. Look at the scenery.

Moldiver1402d ago

I was about to say this. If they have not added enough 'game' into their game, what do they expect the end user to do, to make it longer?

They maybe should have made a harder difficulty unlockable. But that would have been a cop out..and who plays linear shooters multiple times if there is not multiple ways to play through a level? or co op? As for collectables, I cant stand them. Not worth the time or trophy. It a cheap way for a dev to get you spend more time on their games.

Worse thing is the order is probably a good game...but there is too little of it, clearly. No wonder they didnt want spoliers..They didnt have a whole lot of game to show. and when you have whole chapters that are actually non interactive find yourself in a situation where you dont have a whole lot to show.

Ultr1402d ago

Ifinished Uncharted 1 4 times, Uncharted 2 5 Times or more Uncharted 3 4 Times.
Tlou 5 times
KZ2 3 Times.
Vanquish 3 times
just a few games fromthe top of my head
So you Theory is flawed.
those games only have one way through it and they are still amazing to replay

Moldiver1402d ago

"Ifinished Uncharted 1 4 times, Uncharted 2 5 Times or more Uncharted 3 4 Times.
Tlou 5 times
KZ2 3 Times.
Vanquish 3 times
just a few games fromthe top of my head"

Good for you. So you like playing through the same thing over and over with the same result every time. Personally I dont. Once I have seen it/done it, I move on to the next game, unless it has a good MP mode to keep me there. No MP match is ever the same, even if it takes place on the same map.

"So you Theory is flawed."

I think you should learn the difference between a theory and an opinion. Its laughable that I should even have to pull this quote out of your reply and point it out to you. But I get cant think straight when you are in defense mode.

I simply dont play the same game over and over. I dont have that kind of time, and even if I did I still wouldnt. most single player games, like movies offer nothing new on a second play through. Exceptions to that rule are mass effect, the witcher series and anything from bethsheda. All of which are games that offer substancially different second and third playthroughs.

Again...learn the difference between "theory" and an "opinion". My theory is not flawed because I didnt give a theory. I gave my opinion. If you still have trouble understanding that then, god help you.

bumnut1402d ago

Save your breath mate, if you say anything negative about a Sony product/game on this site you get lots of disagrees. Even if you speak the truth.

Silly gameAr1401d ago


Maybe you should have saved your breath with that lame busted comment that nobody but trolls use, hey?

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Kingscorpion19811402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

What it doesn't take five hours to complete. I put in 9 hours already and still haven't finish the game. I'm playing it on Normal (Medium) difficulty setting.

Pintheshadows1402d ago

Yeah, you aren't the first person I have seen incredulously saying that.

I just saw a guy on a forum claim the supposed 'playthrough' at 5 hours 30 minutes is actually missing chunks of gameplay beyond chapter 6.

It wouldn't surprise me to be honest. I keep seeing people quote on normal that they are about 6-8 hours in and at are around chapter 10 or 11.

yarbie10001402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Some people will take longer, and some will take shorter. Not sure why this is so hard to accept. But people need to check their definitions of "Speed Runs"

MasterCornholio1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Obsess much?

You say the same darn thing in almost every single article about The Order 1886.

iistuii1402d ago

I don't want to ruin it for myself so I just looked quickly at a couple of chapters watching about 30 seconds on each & your right. He is actually creeping on the part I watched, not even running. It's not exactly a speed run. It looks great but if it's that short it's a tad disappointing.

Aloy-Boyfriend1402d ago

Because I would want to put a video on Youtuve to get views and write long-ass articles to get clicks to make people not buy this game. I want it to flop and all the PS4 fans have a bad time with it and their console. That would make me real happy.


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