5 Things Techland Can Improve In Dying Light

MWEB GameZone writes:"Dying Light is a great game, but it can be exceptional if Techland improves on the following."

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schmoe949d ago

my buddies are complaining about the controls - anyone else have similar frustrations??

tjsmoke63949d ago

Personally, I thought the controls worked well, though it does take some getting used to using the R1/RB button to jump and then press it again to grab. Same with using weapons/items. But overall I liked the control scheme, though I can understand it won't be to everyone's liking.

NiteX949d ago

That's weird you don't hold it down. On PC you just hold space and climb where ever you look.

gloVA10949d ago

Don't release the R1/RB button! Press and hold it!

Adexus949d ago

The R1/RB jump takes a bit of getting used to but I can see why they did it so you don't have to take your thumb off the analogue stick to jump and grab ledges, and it works really well.

Lord_Sloth949d ago

I wouldn't say they're bad but movement feels a little stiff at times. Free-Running works great and the combat is fine though.

SonZeRo949d ago

I have similar gripes with the game really, its still fun but consantly repairing and some of the game feeling horribly scripted was a bit of an issue for me. Parkour did fail me many times as noted, but then again after playing farcry and falling on my face amny many times trying to scale the towers i have gotten used to not always making the jump firt time.

949d ago
smolinsk949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

Best Parkour system in any game to date:) worked really well.

harv052949d ago

Fix those godamn trophies!!

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