Final Fantasy XV demo features Behemoth enemy

Famitsu this week has new details on the Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae demo included with early copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

In addition to plains, the Duscae area (the region playable in the demo) has mountainous areas overflowing with trees. If you search every nook and corner, you’ll also discover caves. There is a likely possibility that there will be hidden treasures, but also likely that there are strong monsters living near them.

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Snookies12948d ago

Yeah, we uh... Kinda knew that from the demo trailer that was released showing them fighting the Behemoth and doing a slight fanfare afterwards.

DarkOcelet948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Hopefully we can take that Behemoth down. SE love putting super tough monsters early in the game. I remember in FFXII, they put a T-Rex that needed you to be level 60/70 to take him down.

Or FF Type 0, they put the Behemoth in the second area of the game with a whopping lvl 99 lol. So yeah, i am expecting this will not be easily defeated.

Snookies12948d ago

I believe that's the main battle of the demo. Like I said, in the trailer they showed the Behemoth falling down and the group celebrating. So, I'm sure it's doable. :]

GameBoyColor948d ago

lol at type-0... I challenged that thing and got demolished.

Kurisu948d ago

Here's hoping FFXV sees a return of the fanfare theme. Even if only after boss battles like in XII. I missed it in XIII.

C L O U D948d ago

Gonna lay him the smackdown...

F0XHOUND948d ago

The behemoth will likely be the main hunt target of the demo :) can't wait.

NoctisPendragon948d ago

There is the summon and maybe the Adamentoise .
So he may not be the main hunt target.

NoctisPendragon948d ago

I hope they didnt remove the Adamantoise (the giant Turtle),they said it would take days(in game days) to beat him .

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