Clickbait Rumours Surround The Order 1886, Dev Frustration is Inevitable

SegmentNext - Sony’s first big 2015 release for PlayStation 4 is coming out in a few days. Since the game was announced, there have been a number of concerns about it but Ready At Dawn kept on assuring fans that there’s nothing to worry about."

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Gilettehad_1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

I am absolutely astonished by the gaming community.. What a sickening generation of misfits. I just hope when you are older, some little boys (most of you men sadly, LOL), try and ruin your livelihood through pure jealousy. You are a god damn disgrace.

And to all the people saying they've watched the whole '5 hours' (Bullshoite), you must be really struggling for games to play on your system! To anyone else who watched it, you had no intention of buying the game, and were looking to brutalise it anyway.

This generation is a mess with vocal, jealous, bitter children, who can't stand to see others have fun, and can't get mommy to buy them another console.


IWentBrokeForGaming1374d ago

The only people hating this game can't play it on their console... Made evident in EVERY 1886 article on this site

Toiletsteak1374d ago

Actually i have seen loads of people who only own a PS4 say they think the Order is going to flop and yes i know they are Sony fans because i have seen comments from them slating the Xbox one, i would like this game to do well and it is only a matter of days before it comes out and the length and how good the game is will finally be told by more reliable sources.

Daz1374d ago

SO you think that the 18 plus ps4 owners are all going to like this ?
OR maybe they have there own opinion and don't like this kind of game?

marlinfan101374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Go to the ps4 subreddit there's thousands of comments in the order articles and most of them are playstation owners. This is the only site where fans absolutely refuse to accept any sort of criticism towards their console and just put it on the opposing fanbase. There's clear as day evidence out there that the game is 5-6 hours long (sure it's longer if you artificially extend the game by exploring every nook and cranny like I've seen some suggest people should do). You can literally watch the guy play chapter to chapter, not rushing, just playing at a normal pace, yet people refuse to believe it on here, and call people trolls for acknowledging it. It's not xbox fans fault that people have genuine concerns about a game with a rumored 1.5 hours of actual gameplay, get over it.


Thanks for proving my point. It's not longer xbox fans fault but now it's turned into all of MS.

breakpad1374d ago Show
Jalva1373d ago

Not true at all, as someone who only owns a PS4 (don't care if you believe me or not) I can tell you that I am a consumer before I am a fan, and this game has been proven to last a little over 5 hours, it also has no replay value whatsoever and no multiplayer, and if you have a game as short as 5 hours with little incentive to ever return to it and are asked to fork out $60 then I'm sorry but that is just horrendous value for money, just like MGS:GZ, not to mention the game is riddled with QTE's which are the cancer of gaming and that renders the cutscenes unskippable which would discourage almost anyone from replaying it.

To say that the only people who are hating on this game are the people who can't play it makes you sound incredibly insecure, if you want to fork out $60 for such little playtime then be my guest, but just because I own a console doesn't mean I have to blindly love every one of it's exclusives, especially when so much of an already short game is unplayable and that it's completely unjustified in it's price tag.

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guyman1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Most people on here are probably self entitled 14 year old's with an inflated ego.That's the impression i get most of the time.

Charybdis1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Rumors and game play of the game length being 5 hours long has resulted in a useless true or false discussion. More important this discussion has become overheated because it is one of the most 'heavily anticipated exclusive titles'.
I believe that the length of the game is a valid discussion point and relevant for those wanting to purchase the game on day one or at a later date. Should a short games of a certain length cost $60 is a relevant question but doesn't need to become a mud slinging contest.
I find it sad to see that at the moment something gets pointed out which might be negative people start over reacting. Generalizing the community, calling people names or pointing to the other side instead of discussing the negatives and positives.
A short(er), high quality game and bug free game can still be very good game. Especially if it has good pacing, a longer game with more filler content just to ad some more hours might and is in my book a negative.

Father__Merrin1373d ago

the only people that hate it are those who cant play it.......

i will give you an example of their utmost stupidity, "cover system isnt as good as gears".......they will prefer to keep playing old gears games rather than play a new title

i feel so sorry for them, no new indigala bundles with only xmas '14 retail titles to play through and skyrim mods

they are just loosing so much i wish i could help them....

OB1Biker1373d ago

Yea definitely not 'watching' any playthrough that would spoil it for any game.
Ill be taking my time to enjoy the game and so happy its out soon :)

hello121373d ago

[email protected] thats a stupid statement the fact you got 47 agrees well you know that's what is dumb about this site.

People stare for hours and hours watching other people play games on Twitch TV ever hear of that? 5 hours is not a long time really and a lot of people about the same time would have watched a movie and couple of tv shows (what is the difference?

And to be honest some people haven't got a PS4 and wanted to see how the game plays. If someone sat down for 5 hours to troll about the order later on now thats sad, but i bet most people are just interested in the game and wanted to see how it plays.

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Fro_xoxo1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Why're people so f^cked up?

The devs put so much time and effort into providing content, and this what they get in return.

If it ain't your cup of tea, why 're you tryin' to ruin it for others?

LegoIsAwesome1374d ago

I agree with you bro. My spider sense is tingling.....I'm sure when the game comes out self proclaim pro gamers/reviewers will bash and will give a low score for the order. Like they did to driveclub.

Tapani1374d ago

I think I will just buy this to help the company! I liked their games before, and I'm pretty sure they made a really good game this time as well.

Damn the naysayers and clickbait doomsayers!!

thief1374d ago

I think I will buy 2 copies, just to show the middle finger to the "non-playing" reviewers

captain_slow821374d ago

i dont give 2 s**** what clickbaite bs has to say im getting this game friday woooo

hell im that excited ive been growing a mustache hahaha

Letthewookiewin1374d ago

That's friggin awesome! Unfortunately my stash just looks like pubic hair grew on my lip. Can't wait to play this!

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