Project CARS vs Real Life Comparison Video - Radical SR8 At Oulton Park

The video compares upcoming game Project CARS going head-to-head with real life footage (not that a videogame would ever beat real-life footage ofcourse!).

We are on-board the bonkers-fast Radical SR8 at the UK’s most picturesque race circuit – Oulton Park.

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Ben121399d ago

Absolutely amazing can't wait for this game.

C-H-E-F1398d ago

The game looks better in cockpit... A friend of mine has it on PC "Beta" it looks really really good in cockpit but when he goes to the third person it looks ehh... you can see jaggies :/

dmonee1398d ago

It looks really good next to that video. However, it doesn't look that much better than a PS3 or Xbox 360 racing game.Is it because I havent seen a Last Gen racer in over a year or is it because the graphics aren't that much better?

spaceg0st1398d ago

I can't wait for this and that Helmet cam... Didn't think this game needed criticism; but kind of wish they'd make the cars shake a little more at top speeds. .. Closer to real life