Is Battlefield Hardline diluting the formula or taking it to new places?

Now the dust has settled on the recent beta, Westie asks what does Hardline do for the Battlefield franchise?

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REDGUM1373d ago

I agree with the auther of the vid provided. It's definatley brought some contraversy to the series. My one and ONLY gripe with the beta ( and possibly full game) is that it has been speeded up too much. It feels more like a COD style/paced game. Making the Medic & engineers kits reletivly useless as by the time you pull out a seringe you usually get killed in the process. Well, I did anyway. B4 feld like a good pace, or previous battlefield games for that matter. This just feels too fast making the kill count more important than the revives, repairs, flags captured etc. I have a shocking K-D anyway so turn my game into a objective game instead. This Hardline makes it so much harder to do that.

Then again, I'm no brilliant player and this is just an opinion.

What do ya think?

scousetomo1373d ago

i enjoyed your video im looking forward to hardline i had a great time on it cant wait for release