The GTA 4 iCEnhancer mod gets more beautiful every time we see it

Get your mince pies around the latest stunning mod for GTA 4.

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ArtificiallyYours1372d ago

Oh my god GTA V can't come to PC soon enough...

starchild1372d ago

I thought I was watching a video of real life at times. Pretty damn impressive.

0ut1awed1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Haven't been on N4G in a months and come back and instantly see this. At the time of writing this you have 0 Agrees and 1 disagree.

Now I remember why I stay away from N4G.

Fanboyisim of any kind, be it for the PC or consoles is fucking a virus to video games. N4G seems to foster one of the two.

ArtificiallyYours1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

...I never even said anything against this mod, and I've loved what ICE Enhancer had done for the GTA IV modding community. I'd love to be a part of the community whenever I do get a gaming-ready laptop.

I'm sorry to whom ever thought I was pandering to any side of this f*cking ridiculous consol/PC war. I play games not argue about which platform is superior, lol Christ...

InMyOpinion1372d ago

This is getting a bit old, don't you think?

ThatEnglishDude1372d ago

It's been old for a few years now. GTA4 (can) look good! We get it.