AC Unity and Rogue shipping 10 million units is bad for gaming

MWEB GameZone writes: "Given how successful [Ubisoft's] broken, mess of a game has been, can we honestly expect them to do the right thing? I can’t see the answer to that being yes."

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HanCilliers1372d ago

I remember so many people calling for "let's boycott" Ubisoft, and then it sells like hotcakes :S.

I hope with the next Assassin's Creed we will actually see more restraint. Like waiting for reviews before you buy, no pre-orders.

lord zaid1372d ago

Honestly, it really is the pre-orders that is killing this hobby of ours

decrypt1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Lol at people trolling one of the best game released last year.

The game is simply too much for outdated hardware in consoles to handle.

Imo they should have reduced NPC density and resolutions for consoles that would have fixed everything.

I have the game running on my PC at 3440 * 1440 runs flawlessly near 100fps with everything set to ultra.

Recently installed Dimmdrive and upgraded to 32gigs of ram can put most of the game on my RAM drive making the experience literally liquid smooth.

Good job ubisoft for delivering an awesome game.

If anyone should be pointed fingers at its the console companies which decided to load consoles with mid range mobile parts and call it next gen lol.

ACU's fault is that its one of the first in line next gen games (which isnt made with last gen systems in mind). When more true next gen games are out and we get more and more complains about dips into the teens, we shall see both the PS4 and Xbone downgraded to 720p level of gameplay.

starchild1372d ago


I mostly agree with you. AC Unity was definitely one of the best games I played in 2014 and the hate for it is way out of proportion to any issues it had.

It runs great on my PC and g-sync monitor and the game itself was great. My only issue with it is that is is glitchier than past games in the series....especially the NPCs.

Hopefully the next game in the series will be given the development time it needs.

slappy5081372d ago

While I havent preordered Unity, it does make me think twice about Ordering the division one of my anticipated titles. It is disapointing though how well Unity has done, since the suits calling the shots are only interested in the net profit figure, this will encourage them to copy and paste AC in a different skin and it remains an annual release that gets fixed later through patches

HanCilliers1372d ago

I suggest you dont pre-order it

lord zaid1372d ago

im actually ok with a cut and paste, so long as we get good story progression

But, if the cut and paste means the same bugs, as well, then we have a problem

slappy5081372d ago

Ha dont worry I wont preorder it. my first big concern is if this game is functional on the online platforms at release. I guess AC is alright, I didnt buy Unity because of all the issues, I enh=joyed Black Flag, having said that I bought Black Flag with the PS4 at launch, the last time I played Assasin CReed was number 2, I dont think I can play this every year

Mr Pumblechook1372d ago

10 million actually means AC Unity likely under performed because they are hiding the total sales figures with Rogue's numbers.

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llMurcielagoll1372d ago

It is all talk unfortunately. I have stopped buying AC games altogether. but just one consumer wont hurt this greed to stop.

Flipgeneral1372d ago

Ubi simply recycles the same mechanics in all of their games. Its horrid that so many people still subscribe to their regurgitated garbage.

llMurcielagoll1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

Indeed. They are using the game industry for pure profit. They don't give a Sh** about making high quality products. They are in it for the money.

I am surprised to see that the consumer still buy that crap. Even if it finally happens that we boycott ubisoft and all similar money hungry game companies, I am predicting news such as "Ubisoft is surprised with the losses Quote: We don't know why people stopped buying our products" and act oblivious to what is going on.

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DarkOcelet1372d ago

I am pretty sure those people will learn not to play pay for $hitty Ubisoft games again before looking it up. No matter how much hype they do for the next game, it will not exceed the sales of this one.

HanCilliers1372d ago

I really hope so, otherwise we're saying it's ok to release a broken game

bixxel1372d ago

If it was EA that published the games, it couldn't even achieve 5 million units combined. The point is, all gamers are converted to Ubi servants. Ubisoft should be destroyed at once!!!!


it's ok, it does not happen over night but bit by bit Ubi is destroying their reputation.

While we do love complaining, we really are no good at actually applying any sort of self control.

Personally I have not pre-ordered an AC game since AC2. I didn't buy Unity at all. I did get blackglag after waiting it out to see what reviews from other players would be like.

I don't preorder on the bases of getting special dlc or bonus content anymore either. I feel like I have been fooled too many times by crap like that

jackanderson19851372d ago

i played through the entire campaign, some of those multiplayer missions and a fierce chunk of the side missions... didn't hit bugs, yeah framerate dipped but i'll survive... it was a good game at least i think so

Sillicur1372d ago

Did you play when the game launched? Also which system? Apparently the Xbox One users had the least troubles, while PC was really hurting

jackanderson19851372d ago

yeah had it from launch and on the X1

starchild1372d ago

Nope. I have had it on PC since day one and it never really had any game-breaking problems. After the patches it is fine...just some glitchy NPCs that is just more annoying than anything. THe game itself is pretty great in my opinion.

Mikelarry1372d ago

when this game was announced I was tempted to come back to this franchise as it seemed to go back to the true roots of what an AC game was to me as I stopped playing AC after brotherhood ( got burnt out) glad I decided not to and I doubt I will lever be returning to this franchise

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