Opinion: Is it time for different price points for specific console games


Games are complex and come in all shapes and sizes, so why when it comes to console games specifically do we pay one price for all? Sure there have been some exceptions over the years, but in general when you look at the upcoming PlayStation and Xbox releases most of these game's RRP for around the same price. So why is this?

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Yi-Long1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

It's never made sense to me. I've always felt that (obviously) a lower price would bring in a bigger audience, simply for the fact that those who are in doubt about buying a certain game, would give the game the benefit of the doubt when it's released at retail for an attractive price, like 30 bucks or something.

For instance, a lot of people seem to have their doubts about The Order 1886 (PS4), so I assume many will take a 'wait and see' stance, so they'll look at how the game is received by press and other gamers, before possibly taking the gamble on it. If it's 30 bucks, they'd be much more inclined to buy it day 1, not just because it's a much smaller loss when it disappoints, but also because it will probably have more people online, making it more appealing to those who are not sure how much of a community it will have.

I believe it would also battle 2nd hand gaming sales, simply for the fact that normally people would choose to buy a cheaper 2nd hand game weeks after release, while now they can buy it day 1 for that price, and new, so the money goes to the devs/publishers.

Also, maybe they should look more into the different markets: While NFL and NBA games might be popular and sell well in the USA, it's appeal is much smaller in Europe, where we follow these sports much less, so we also care much less about the updated rosters and such. By pricing these kinda games for 60 euro when they come out, it will only appeal to the hardcore fans in Europe. Everyone else who is slightly interested in these sports games, will wait for a (big) price drop, IF they even anymore care by then.

In Europe, we go crazy for FIFA, while perhaps that game would be more popular in the States if it would retail there at a slightly lower price.

My personal view on pricing is very simple: If they offer a COMPLETE game, I'm OK with paying 50-60 euro for it on day 1. The Witcher 3 will be bought on day 1. I'll support those devs and publishers because they have assured us that DLC will be free, no milking of any kind.

However, when a game has DLC-milking and all kinds of nickel-and-dime practices, there is absolutely no way I'll ever pay more than 20-30 euro for that game, ever. And I'll only buy it when it's either a complete release, or when I can get a really good bargain.

Vote with your wallet. Always.

theshonen88991395d ago

The problem is that retail, production, shipping, etc. are all too expensive for new games that aren't going to start at $60. Many games like Puppeteer have failed horribly with sub $60 price points, which makes most games at the price points kids games or other super low budget games.

3-4-51395d ago

* Here is what the people in charge don't get.

You crappy game isn't going to sell for $60.

It's not a $60 game.

Stop being arrogant, let your ego go.....your game is only mediocre...Price it as such!.

* Not all cars are $100,000...


Because they aren't all that good..some aren't worth that much, so there are varying prices.

* Are all houses the same price ?

What about all paintings or music or tickets to entertainment venues ?

* You might sell 100 copies at $60, but you'd sell 5,000 copies at $40, and probably 20,000 at $20.

You need to get your game out there in the minds of as many people as possible.

If your $60 game only gets played by 30,000 people total.......That IP is finished.

Why not charge $30 and get more people to give it a try.

* For $60, I want to KNOW I'm going to like that game, not just have a hunch that I will.

Mikelarry1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Well said, this 2015 since most these developers are hell bent on nickle and diming after a $60 purchase i will not be buying them until they release thier goty editions when the include all the dlc or bargain bins or even worse skip them altogether

GordonKnight1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

There have been a lot of AAA games that sell very well and still lose money. With all the power consoles now have games cost a lot more to produce. This problem is causing games to feel incomplete when released. Then a DLC is released a month later. It's like a cat and mouse game. Developers want to make cutting edge games, but with a $60 price point budget just doesn't seem like reality. So, publishers are trying to off set this problem with DLC. Before you know it games will have a $100 price point.


The Witcher 3 looks good enough for $100 price point.

Xavior_Reigns1395d ago

Honestly I wouldn't mind if the price of games went back up to $80 or so, I paid similar amounts in previous console generations. HOWEVER games would have to be complete, no bugs/ glitches... but of course it wouldn't go that way at all. Greedy/ lazy publishers & developers would just do the same exact thing as now, always trying to push a new low.

Xavior_Reigns1395d ago

So you peeps disagreeing like incomplete, glitch fests in your games? Geez no wonder greedy pubs & devs are getting away with their garbage.

Mikelarry1395d ago

I think most just read till the $80 and immediately tuned out and disagreed, while i see your train of thought and with the current economy some just cant fathom the idea of games costing more than they already do.

The 10th Rider1395d ago

I agree. Nintendo has done this with some of their games recently, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was $50, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and Captain Toad are both $40, last gen they had Rhythm Heaven Fever for a quite attractive $30. Another great example was 3D Dot Game Heroes, which launched at $40 as well, I believe. A few of the LEGO games from less popular franchises could definitely benefit from a lower price point.

RosweeSon1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

I thought we already did to some extent but yeah why limit every game to full on retail prices, but we get some cheaper minecraft was barely £12 on disc, the walking dead season 1-2 ps4 £20 each rockstar table tennis came out at reduced price day one like most of the Lego games only cost £34.99 or less if not come with a free Lego figure, not all games are £49.99.

Not only that there's always the platinum/greatest hits ranges for half price. Talking of which surely it's about time Sony started doing some Platinum games for the PS4 been out over a year and I'm sure there's at least 1 or 3 games that have sold over a million what with the console sales. Not only that these games would be prime offerings for ps+ aka Knack, Killzone (got it already tho) infamous (100% and sold) but yeah some on Sony Platinum range please start then giving them out for ps+ to stop the oh it's never AAA.
But back to the point game prices do vary... Shop around. ;)

mhunterjr1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

I think its obvious that full price releases negatively impact the sales of certain games.

If I were the publisher of a mid-tier release, or a lesser known entity, I'd certainly consider releasing at under $60. Give your brand a chance to be recognized. Many games go on to completely flop because gamers don't believe they are worth the price of entry compared to the competition.

I like to look at the 2k sports series as a successful trial for the idea. They were getting their butts handed to them by EA. then they launched a few titles at $20 bucks, people realized the quality, and subsequent releases were finally competitive at $60. It was so successful that EA had to monopolize the NFL market, to remain successful, AND they completely lost the NBA market.

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