7 of the Most Gutting Videogame Betrayals

MWEB GameZone writes:A video game character betrayed you, trust broken, gutted. You stare at the screen, wanting to reach out into that digital space and exact vengeance. The pain is real ;).

Through the medium of video games we can experience a wide range of emotions; from joy, to love to sadness and yes, even betrayal.

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Sillicur1372d ago

Awesome video. Those are some epic betrayels, I just wish i could remember that huge betrayel in Baldur's Gate 2 :( Cant remember the name now

lord zaid1372d ago

Haha. It was Yoshimo. The samurai type dude

Sillicur1372d ago

Ah yes! Its all coming back to me now, omg need to play it again haha

lord zaid1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

For me it was Yoshimo from Baldur's Gate II. Was totally blindsided when he stabbed me in the back.

schmoe1372d ago

Missing a crucial one: Marios Bros. Princess Peach - b1tch was ALWAYS in another castle & am sure she was sleeping with browser....

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