PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Gets Lovely Screenshots Showing Free DLC Car and Team Time Attack

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia released today a pair of new screenshots of the upcoming update to Driveclub, which will be released in the Archipelago of th Rising Sun today.

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kratoz12091399d ago

Looks good.
Love the support evolution studios has done for this game.

SolidStoner1399d ago

this game needs better driving physics.. the reason I sold it, it felt way too arcade..
it looked very good though!

GMW1399d ago

😳 ummm. It is an arcade driving game to begin with. If you want simulation then you can try out Gran Truism or Forza. Or you can wait and try out Project Cars.

I find it perfect as an arcade racer. It's the perfect quick fix after a long stressful day at work. I used to play some COD for that but now Driveclub hits that sweet spot.

badz1491399d ago

AWESOME! can't get enough of DC and I personally can't wait for the next events packs to come. I love the last 2 packs but there were a bit "easy" compared to Redline and Elements so I hope they will notch it up a bit for the next one.

jmc88881399d ago

So nice they are working on DLC and not the demo.

dcj05241399d ago

When is the + edition coming out?