The Order 1886 Knight’s Theme and the Schindler’s List Soundtrack amazes me

In ‘order’ to get in the mood for the upcoming launch of Ready at Dawn’s ‘The Order: 1886′ I decided to listen to the ‘The Knights Theme’ from the game. The theme is from the official soundtrack of game and composed by Jason Graves and Austin Wintory.

Nothing new here one might think but this time the soundtrack had me thinking of the main theme from Steven Spielberg’s ‘Schindlers List’.

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kratoz12091370d ago

Cannot wait to play this :)

JMaine5181370d ago

Yes! I love this theme song right here. It's stirs up a bunch of different emotions like I hope the game will do for me! I can't wait!

VER1ON1370d ago

The theme saddens and thrills me at the same time, amazing really.

fei-hung1370d ago

toois the theme song disappointing?! Is the theme song too short? Had it been downgraded since the E3 showing? Is it raising too many emotions or not enough?


fei-hung1370d ago

Apologies for the horrendous s.p.a.g but M.I.L was lecturing me at the same time as I wrote the comment (married men will get it).

italiangamer1370d ago

The soundtrack for The Order is truly amazing, not surprisingly though when you know that the composers are Austin Wintory and Jason Graves.