Aonuma Says Retirement is Not Too Far Off, Considering Successor

Eiji Aonuma has acted as the producer of 10 Zelda titles, the director of four Zelda titles, the designer for Ocarina of Time, and the supervisor for Hyrule Warriors and The Minish Cap. He's had a hand in molding the Legend of Zelda series since OoT, and was a game system director for Majora's Mask 3D. The community has always supported him.

Aonuma has participated in countless interviews, but most recently he appeared in a GameSpot interview to answer questions mostly based on Majora's Mask 3D. In this interview, Aonuma, who turns 52 next month, reveals that he ponders about picking a successor almost daily, and says that retirement isn't a long ways off for him.

Could Zelda U be the last Zelda related title he participates in? Will he continue to work on Zelda games, but play a smaller part in the development?

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Locknuts1374d ago

Iwata simply doesn't have the eye for young talent that Yamauchi did. Where are the new Miyamoto and Aonuma? The Sakamoto and the Yokoi?

Hopefully I'm wrong and games like platoon are as revolutionary as what the masters created all those years ago.

Aloy-Boyfriend1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

What's so revolutionary about Splatoon? It's a shooter like we've seen before only that i uses ink istead of bullets. Don't go overboard just yet. I would say Innovative.

On topic: I can't think what would be of Nintendo without Miyamoto and Aonuma. They are old and soon will retire from Nintendo. It would be a sad day.

Locknuts1373d ago

I haven't played it. I'm hoping it's revolutionary. May well not be though.

BigDuo1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Splatoon's online mode is an unconventional competitive shooter because it is a turf war scenario: the winning team has the most painted area of the level. Defeating opposing team players is not the main objective. The game is innovative in terms of its clever squid mode which makes playing the game unique compared to other competitive. shooters. This game does not appear to be based on class types or a cover-system.

While it will indeed be a great loss once Iwata and Miyamoto inevitable leave Nintendo, the good news is many of the people who work at Nintendo have been there for decades and believe in the company's game design philosophy. I don't think we will have to worry too much about it.

3-4-51373d ago

It's not about K/D though it's about covering area with ink and using your abilities to do so.

Taking out enemies reduces the time they have to fill the map with ink.

It's not revolutionary, but it's definitely trying to do something different.

wonderfulmonkeyman1374d ago

I'll miss him when he's gone, that's for sure.
He's given us quite an incredible time with the Zelda series thus far; his successor is going to have to be VERY well trained to match up to that kind of legacy.

Hoffmann1373d ago

Would love to see Ed Boon producing a Legend of Zelda game.

TheLastColossus1373d ago

You can't make the same game forever you know.

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