Impressions On The New Nintendo 3DS XL

FilmGamesEtc writes:
"I’m a big fan of all things Nintendo and even though I’ve mentioned in the past that I believe upgrading the console on such a regular basis is a bad move, I’m not a fan of the second analog stick adapter, but big enough of a gamer fan that I’ve got to stay current. On some games, like Monster Hunter 4 and Codename S.T.E.A.M., are playable without such adapter but the controller scheme is unnatural to support a camera panning stick. As an example, without a second analog stick, the C-Pad acts as the camera. The problem with this control scheme is that both the movement input and camera inputs are on the same side of the controller, and unless you have two left hands, you’ll find this control scheme cumbersome (or downright impossible) to utilize."

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