Dev Says Xbox One + DX12 is the Console He'd Pick

When a developer was asked if he felt PS4+GLNext, or X1+DX12 would come out on top. Brad Wardell responded that he would pick the Xbox One. Brad is currently working with both GLNext & DirectX 12 and is scheduled to deliver talks on each at GDC 2015.

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christocolus1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Brad seems to be quite impressed with DX12.i think his studio will be showing off their DX12 engine at GDC. I just hope devs(1st and 3rd party) working on upcoming games decide to use DX12 as the standard on Xbox One also whatever surprises MS has planned for GDC must be good..been hearing some good things..cant wait.

HaydenJameSmith1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

I hope to see 3rd party developers use DX12 on Xbox One/PC as standard as soon as possible too, I mean a universal API between PC and Xbox One alone should warrant them to use it as it makes development easier and faster.

I say this as a consumer who just wants the console used to it's full potential to get the best version (to what the console is capable of) of every game released on it. And every developer should be using the full potential of all platforms (including PS4) when making a multiplatform games anyway and it goes without saying for first party studios, I mean why wouldn't they use the full potential of the consoles.

uptownsoul1399d ago

Look, I can appreciate his opinion. But his timing…I mean, whenever Dx12 news appears to be slowing down Brad Wardell jumps back in to try & start the conversation back up. Mr. Wardell stop hyping & Just let GDC show off everything & let Dx12 do its dog-gone job

christocolus1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )


i totally agree. every platform should be used to its full potential and if DX12 opens up PC/xbox one and brings coding a lot closer to the metal then every dev working on xbox one/windows should use it. MS should make it the standard.

halfblackcanadian1399d ago

Anyone old enough to remember the Genesis/SNES days where the same game/franchise on either console could be remarkably different to make the best use of each consoles strengths? I kind of wish we could get back to that mentality and allow each console to speak for itself instead of being at the mercy or whichever console the game is developed for as the lead.

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Ballsack1399d ago

Lol the guy working with microsoft picks the xbox one

Damn who'd have guessed..

Next time ask a developer with no ties to either console

Moldiver1399d ago

"Funny thing is a real dev who got their hands on dx12 had to sign NDA. So who is this."

Err.... He only wrote his own game engine in DX12?

See...This is why its good to use google, when you are going to comment on somebody you never heard of. Just because you never heard of them, that does not mean, they (or their own works) dont exist. lol

Andofaus1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Yeah totally agree, however l just can't see third-party taking full advantage of dx12 it would mean to much of a disparity until Sony's api catches up... If it does that is.

I think Microsoft are doing all they can though. With win10 cross platform development will be super easy, and the fact if you use win 7 or higher you get win 10 upgrade for free, this will mean there's a huge potential customer base for win10/DX12 games.

imt5581399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Really odd that you write a comments in any DX12 related news. What, MrX taught you well? Don't play a nice guy here or how i should say : flip-flop

Quote :

" And every developer should be using the full potential of all platforms (including PS4) when making a multiplatform games anyway and it goes without saying for first party studios"

Oh, really you mean that? I don't think so :

rainslacker1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )


"Real Devs" do have to sign an NDA.

For DX12 the NDA's don't prevent you from talking about your excitement for what you've seen but may prevent you from saying what you've seen.

It doesn't mean you can't speaking in generalities of what you yourself are working on(assuming you have permission to speak on such topics). The NDA does prevent you from speaking about specifics of DX12 unless otherwise authorized to speak on them or if what you speak about has already been announced officially by MS(no third party or rumor "announcements").

It doesn't prevent you from saying that you're working with DX12, although some companies may have their own NDA's which prevent their employees from discussing such things. MS's NDA has no such least I hope it doesn't else I'm in trouble.:(

Wardell hasn't really given many specifics on the tech outside of what has been officially released, and when he talks specifics it's usually in regard to practical implementation, although he does more often than not just sound like a PR person hyping up DX12 to make more of a name for his own company.

Kal0psia1399d ago

If anything Brad Wardell is just a super nerd. You can tell at least mostly for the benefits PC get that Brad is very excited.

mikeslemonade1399d ago

By the time X1 is optimized better it's already going to be dead by then. Just like how PS3 took so long to gain traction and finally edge out the 360 at the end. Only this time the X1 is not the PS3. PS3 is the successor to the PS2 which sold over 155 mil. So it already had a foundation to start off with.

NuggetsOfGod1399d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

Yeah MS wants dx12 to take off for pc gamers as well.

A free windows upgrade helps lots lol

Still I refuse to believe pc will be used to it's full potential.

unless it's star citizen I have little faith that devs won't let consoles hold back my games.

Unless it's pc exclusive I expect to run console ports 4k 60fps soon.

Though I rather 1080 60fps with ps5 graphics.

With that said I can't wait for 4k gaming or what pc devs will do with ue4!

Why he chose xbox is probably because dx12 will do great things for cpu bound games like open world mmos and xbox has a faster cpu.

He is s cpu programmer not much a graphics programmer.

fullmetal2971398d ago

Hopefully DX12 will alleviate the half baked ports for the PC. I am tired of seeing games being sold full retail price but struggles to run pass 60 frames and/or have no thought in the keyboard layout so game controls are arkward.

hay1398d ago

The premise is to utilize most native pipeline for the platform, it's obvious most respectable devs will migrate as soon as possible. At least when humanoid penises in suits called managers let them do that in some cases.

bubblebobble1398d ago

thats it dev said something time to through my ps4 away i mean come on dev said something

user55757081398d ago

all i know is direct X 12 on the WiiU is going to be amazing

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Neo_Zeed1399d ago

Is it really suprising that someone who primarily makes software for Windows likes the new Windows API?

I don't know if they even have any console games under their belt.

4Sh0w1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Wow. 1 dev says he'd pick X1 if he had to choose and some of you guys like GameNameFame flip out like little babies. pffft, Guess what Im sure some favor ps4, some others X1...but most all of them will happily continue making games for both....unless of course they sign an exclusive deal.

turdburgler10801398d ago

First five hour order with cutscenes playthroughs now a single developer prefers xbox one with directx 12. what's next, is the sky falling?

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TheSaint1399d ago

It's almost like people have different opinions on what console they'd like, astounding.....

jebabcock1398d ago

Most Intelligent thing I've read so far in this post.. Kudos!

Reddzfoxx1399d ago

1st party should see benefits as they will use the latest engines designed around Direct X 12. 3rd parties will likely wait for licensing costs to go down before they even consider touching a Direct X 12 engine for their games. So it will be a while before cross platform developers upgrade their toolsets.

Azzanation1399d ago

DX12 is something special. This time around it seems DX will be the better API over OpenGL. Considering OpenGL gets updated more often, DX11 has been around since 2008. As a PC and Xbox gamer, I cant wait to see what DX12 will do for both my machines.

Gamer19821398d ago

This dev also said on his blog
The PS4 hardware is better. Significantly. There's no amount of hand waving that make XBO's choice of DDR3 go away.

This is the founder of stardock.. A company thats only really done PC stuff in the past and never really touched consoles. Also there biggest selling product of all time is windowblinds. I would take a console devs word over a PC devs word. Especially one that hasn't actually made a game for consoles before.

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srd44841398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

you can have all the power in the world but if the system can't use it efficiently then what good is it? A system not as powerful can still become a better system just by making it work more efficiently. I don't understand why people can't grasp this. DX12 is here to do such. Make a weaker system more powerful than it is.

But i get it. Nothing positive can ever be said about XB1 and nothing negative can be said about ps4. Otherwise, you get people like you who are invested in taking any person or any article down. Good for you.

Foehammer1398d ago



I guess this developer isn't the only one excited about the benefits of DX12.

Looking forward to GDC

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aceitman1399d ago

im sorry that guy is full of crap , he stated in an interview that the ps4 has better hardware , now he says dx12 with x1 will be better. lol. he is like mister x.

christocolus1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

so bottom line,he is full of crap cos he stated his personal opinion? there are many articles here on N4G where certain devs have stated their preference for ps4 and its api but im sure those devs are awesome and aren't full of crap.right?The guy obviously has his reasons for going with DX12&Xbox One.does he have to explain it to you? There is always something wrong when its a positive for Xbox/MS..its either a lie, dev is full of crap or MS paid them....smh. you guys need to chill.

aceitman1399d ago

no he is full of crap for flip flopping , when u say one thing then say another and its against each thing said it is crap. I respect opinions only when they stick to what they say not say the opposite in another interview.

christocolus1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )


No he isn't. Stop being so petty.He has never in the past been asked a question like there isn't any flip flopping are only looking for a way to throw insults at a dev cos he chose the xbox one over your console of choice. he was asked about DX12(something he is fortunate enough to know much about)The guy is a developer and obviously knows about console apis,he is also currently developing a DX12 you think you know more than he does?

ger23961399d ago

I understand how someone can be enthusiastic about their platform of choice, but you really sound like an xbox one rep.

Sharky2311399d ago

Let's sort this out. In the tweet he never said one or the other was better. I think he may have said in a second tweet that it's because of better hardware support. Then in the third tweet he says they're both good consoles, but we all see things differently!

Kavorklestein1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Agree with you completely. To me they almost act as if it's something like this:
"If Xbox is doing something good, then something must be wrong."
Don't get me wrong, I don't just take every statement from MS at face value, and I always either research it, or think about it from normal/objective point of view. To me, I ALREADY love my Xbox one and if things get better for it- cool, gotta like a system that improves alot. That DOESN'T mean we are just stupid. Just like I TRY to do with PS4 fans...unless they are being rude BEFORE Xbox fans.
Just because we think it could be "cool" if something got better after we bought it, doesn't mean we think it's just going to upgrade 200% or something like retards.

Anywho- In the meantime, I think people are better off just being patient and seeing what we have in store for our favorite machines without being assholes all the time.
Yeah. I think we should be past that as a species.
Like seriously... doesn't it kinda get old?
Ps4 is a sweet machine, and I plan to get one after I get married in April when I have extra finances.
The Order looks awesome for sure!

Can't wait for game convention season to start lol
Respect guys, we can do this shizz.

christocolus1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )


Xbox rep? lmao. its funny cos i don't see you calling certain people in here PS4 reps.what about those who constantly troll xbox articles talking BS..are they reps too? lol. dude give me a break after all nothing I've said here is wrong but somehow you seem hurt. why?if you cant post a reasonable comment or have a mature argument(void of name calling) without allowing FBism and bias in or state facts clearly to defend your arguments then you clearly need to move on.


spot on also a big congrats on your forthcoming nuptials.


Agreed..certain people should have taken notice of that before throwing insults at the guy for no reason.

Death1398d ago


It is possible for a developer to acknowledge the PS4 hardware is stronger, but prefer developing for DX12(PC) and Xbox. This isn't flip flopping, it's his opinion on which API he prefers. The Xbox One getting DX12 support doesn't take anything away from the PS4 or it's games.

hamburgerhill1398d ago

We will see soon what's more important. Power or power plus efficiency. I have a feeling MS may of really out thought Sony this time around.

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Mkai281399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

You misunderstood what he said, "The PS4 has better hardware, atleast in that area"( GPU ) then he goes on to say" Xbox one has faster memory, but I'm not goin to get into that. That's for the fanboys to fight over" laughs..

halfblackcanadian1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

He stated that the hardware in the PS4 was better, but is stating here that all things considered the software + hardware of Xbox/DX12 trumps the software + hardware of PS4/GLNext. If both used DX12 he might very well have said PS4.

@Mkai28 - my point is he likes the HW/SW combo. I don't think he honestly knows what's under the hood of either (in full)

@OpenGL - I asked you this below but what is the major difference? I thought what PS4 uses were tweaks of GLNext (Sony doesn't built software tools the way MS does so I would argue that MS had a better blueprint for what kind of cohesion the hardware and software needed to be maximized)

OpenGL1399d ago

PS4 doesn't even use OpenGL or GLNext.

Mkai281399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

"If both used DX12 he might very well have said PS4"

But was PS4 built with DX12 in mind, like the Xbox One in which Albert Penello was saying, " a lot of things are not yet fully understood concerning the Xbox one hardware"

No one still knows how FORZA Horizon 2 runs @1080p 30fps 4 xmsaa.

@opengl, I agree. Some guy was stalking me because I said PS4 have they're own API, he thought PS4 ran on OpenGL.

Outthink_The_Room1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )


No, the PS4 was not built for DX12, at all. There is not a single quote where anyone from Sony says anything regarding DX12 compatibility for their hardware.

Secondly, Albert's post was before DX12 was even announced. Do you really think MS would announce DX12 two months after launching the console and not have built it specifically with XB1 in mind? MS waited to announce it, knowing they built their console for it.

Lastly, you are correct, Sony does have their own API. Which coincidentally, makes your statement about building the PS4 with DX12 even dumber.

How could Sony have built a console for an API they don't even know about or know when it's coming? Again, they built their API for their hardware, not for some API down the road.

joeorc1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

"Sony doesn't built software tools the way MS does so I would argue that MS had a better blueprint for what kind of cohesion the hardware and software needed to be maximized)"

Sony does build their own, as a matter of fact

GNM: is built for deep Metal Api
GNMX: is wrapper Level Api IE: DirectX and OpenGL
LibGCM Sony was the very first to build a close to the metal Api, well before Microsoft was with DirectX

And Sony's Api was in fact core base from OpenGL with added functionality and also has simular DirectX functionality.

Ah' I see I got a disagree again:

DirectX 12 is there to offer optimization and control through choices and options for game developer, not to force it upon them. This is similar in concept to console game development such as the PS4. Where you’re offered two API’s – one low level and a higher level. GNM on the PS4 provides super low level access to the GPU – allowing you to code to metal, but if you don’t require that level of performance of optimization, or you’re simply putting the game together initially and want to test it out then you’ve got the option of using GNMX API (ironically, GNMX shares a lot of similarities with Microsoft’s own D3D11).

Get over it people!, Sony in fact Has their own Api's Like Microsoft has done with DirectX.

Mkai281399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )


And you misunderstand as many do on this site, I was implying what he said. If they both used DX12 would Sony have built it with it in mind.. Which makes all your rambling MUTE.

dantesparda1398d ago

First off, its blatantly obviously that most of you have no idea what you are talking about and are just parroting back crap that you've heard and are simply just projecting your hopes and dreams on DX12.

And to MKAI, its "MOOT" not "mute". I see so many people on the internet (especially on game sites) make thisstupid mistake trying to sound smart but instead just showing their ignorance.

And Brad Whatever his name is, is an obvious shill. Who sweats DX12 (because its his limelight to fame), now lets see if his game can live up to his own hype.

halfblackcanadian1398d ago


"just parroting back crap that you've heard"

No, we're trying to read up on things and express opinions/facts based on what we read, hopefully from a number of sources. Unfortunately the internet is a feedback loop so finding a source isn't always clear cut. I know I tend to check around before believing anything. I know what Brad says is proved (benchmarking on existing hardware) so I'll go with that until proven otherwise.

"it's MOOT not mute"

Context. Let's not strawman a statement because someone says/hears something more often than they have to type it out. Spelling errors does not diminish intelligence or relevancy.

"And Brad Whatever his name is, is an obvious shill. Who sweats DX12"

No capital for 'whatever', one less 'is', no period before 'who' and no capitalization on 'who'. See hope easy it is to dismiss an opinion because of grammar?

To the point though, why is this guy a shill? He's one of a few people who not only has had programming time with multiple new APIs, he's been around quite a while, and he specifically programs games for the CPU, so he knows details about the kinds of gains that will be seen. I've seen countless articles about "indie-dev A" saying PS4 has more power than the Xbox (and often they aren't developing for the Xbox anyway) and people take that as gospel. Why is this opinion less credible?

Death1398d ago

The PS4 uses a modified version of DX11.1. It also supports open GL according to the info given at GDC a couple years ago.

From what I have seen, Microsoft is embracing PC development and is making it so devs that make games for either PC or Xbox can make games for both platforms with very little extra cost. Sony uses modified versions of Direct X and Open GL along with a custom API making it more difficult to port games to or from PC. The benefit of the modified API's is more specific tweaks to the PS4. By focusing on the PS4 only, in theory Sony can maximize the consoles efficiency. We aren't seeing changes on the same level as Xbox which gives the impression the PS4 isn't improving. I don't believe this is true, it's my opinion the Xbox is just moving at an abnormally fast pace to try and make up for performance difference out of the box.

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joab7771399d ago

The thing is that optimization is always continuing. In the end, it will come down to exclusives etc.

And in the end, they will both sell a ton. Once the price drops even more, many will buy both.

I'm interested to see how a new console from Nintendo could shake things up, if they are willing to push themselves and take a risk. B/c MS and Sony will have their hands tied.

Bigpappy1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Iceman, this is not worth trying to slander this developer over. He is simply saying that he likes what DX12 will do for X1 over what he is seeing from OpenGL next with PS4. Has nothing to do with the power of hardware. He is talking about what these api's can do for these consoles.

If he is full of it, it will all be obvious very soon, and his reputation and that engine he wants to sell will all suffer the consequences. If he just happens to be correct though, I feel sorry for people like yourself who can't seem to take it for what it is.

ADM already said that ddr3 will have zero effect on draw calls. He said mantle and dx12 work well with each other. He thinks API does more than raw power.

rainslacker1399d ago

Hey least MrX is consistent with his idea that the X1 is substantially better in every way over the PS4. Give credit where it is due. :)

CaptainObvious8781399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

So the dev prefers weaker hardware... interesting.

I wonder if other devs voluntarily limit the scope of there games?

SlavisH21398d ago

I know its like selecting to dev on ps4 instead of pc. Crazy world

Death1398d ago

Define weaker hardware Cap. Features and benefits are what sell just about anything in the retail world. If the feature you are trying to sell is more powerful hardware, the benefit better be obvious or easy to see or it won't matter. Can you easily see 1080p native vs 1080p upscale graphics? To the average consumer it's very difficult to see. I have both my PS4 and Xbox One connected to the same 8 series plasma. I struggle to see the differences between the two graphically. For a developer, making games for PC and Xbox with very little additional time or cost is a huge benefit that will trump a little extra horsepower under the hood. For consumers, game library and playing where your friends play will be much bigger benefits than hardware superiority. For some this will be PS4, for others it will be Xbox.

Gamer19821398d ago

Stardock are a PC gaming company so why do they even bother?? The closest thing they made towards a console game is ios games.. They shouldn't be talking so much really about something they havnt worked with. They can tell hardware differences from working with PC but PC and console architecture is different so software can only do so much unlike on PC.

Thats why we get a ton of driver updates on PC to improve games and we don't get constant patches on consoles to make future games better. You ever wonder why we don't get graphics updates on our consoles?? That's because we have direct access to the hardware on consoles.. DX12 is supposed to give almost that for PC. How does that help consoles??

Death1398d ago

You are a little confused about what an API does. Developers use API's to make game development easier. With a console you can code straight to the metal or through an API. Since each console is a fixed design, the time needed to create custom tools can be justified. All PC's are different. Coding to the metal is almost impossible since everyone's metal is different. Using an API like DirectX or Open GL creates a standard to a degree making it easier for developers. We get driver updates on PC because we need them. Many of the issues we see on PC's don't exist on consoles due to their fixed designs.

Consoles do get graphics updates, they just aren't as frequent since they aren't needed as often. Within a consoles lifespan I will change out my PC's GPU multiple times. The GPU in our consoles never change.

srd44841398d ago

You can have better hardware but still be weaker if you can't use it correctly. DX12 is built to make XB1's hardware more efficient which can make it a better system. Ex: Iphone vs Samsung.

BallsEye1398d ago

you can have the best brute force hardware, but ballance and software is what is extremely important.

KiwiViper851398d ago

Maybe things have changed since he made the original statement?

It is a fact that PS4 has better hardware, so that's not a lie.

So if he prefers X1+DX12 could that mean that optimising X1 with DX12 could be easier, faster, and smarter to work with?


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qwerty6761399d ago

this should draw the fanboys in.

but the guy is just giving his opinion, everyone has their preferences.

uptownsoul1399d ago

I can appreciate his opinion…But his timing…I mean, whenever Dx12 news starts slowing down Brad Wardell jumps back in to try & start the conversation back up

Stiffler1399d ago

Because many different people on twitter asking him questions about DX12 and his personal preference is him "trying to start the converation back up when it's slowing down"?

Uh, ok?

uptownsoul1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )


I'm sure hundreds of developers are being asked about Dx12 but I don't see them popping out of their hole every couple weeks to talk about it…All I'm saying is wait till GDC to talk about it, and then after that, lets just let the product do the talking

Stiffler1399d ago

I dunno dude it's just his personal preference. Just chill out, I've seen countless articles about PS4 indie devs explaining how they prefer PS4...This is no different except for X1.

Not really something to make a big deal of. Everyone has an opinion/preference.

uptownsoul1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )


Did you read the first 5 words "I can appreciate his opinion"…All I'm saying is this guy & Dx12 in the same headline is getting old. Can't we just let the actual product show what its capable of?


If a person came out to talk project morpheus over, and over, and over again, I'd make the exact same type of comment. "Stop talking about it, and show us the VR games"

Julion07151399d ago

Is that a problem? Does hearing positive X1 news bother you? Please shut up for the ppl who own this console we love to hear about how it's getting better and evolving into the console we want. Having devs working with this new api and being excited about it is great go to another article or dnt read it

BG115791399d ago

I agree with you. We hear more about dx12 than games coming out...
Does the Xbone has games coming out this year? I hear a lot about future games coming out, but nothing really relevant.
Is MS expecting to continue to sell Xbones just by talking about DX12?

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