Mayflash Gamecube Adapter for Wii U [Bettar Than The Original] | VGS

TheArabGamer writes: "Do you feel ripped off by eBay and Amazon’s insane prices for the Gamecube Wii U adapters? Do you wish that you can finally play Super Smash Borthers U with a Gamecube controller without paying a100 bucks?! Well then it’s time stop dreaming and get your hands on a Mayflash Wii U Gamecube adapter."

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DiscoKid1395d ago

The KELUX GC adapter is better. Mayflash is complete and utter trash.

RashBandicoot1395d ago

Really? Though Kellux one doesn't have PC support. Mayflash is giving me what I want plus PC support for practically the same price.