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Ori and the Blind Forest is a strikingly visual game that is just as intriguing to see as it is to play. The graphics are lush, looking almost painted, with the focus on the overall landscape rather than the diminutive title character

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Foehammer1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

Good looking game

Good review

I didn't see a total length but they said the gameplay kicks it up around the 3hour mark so it must be fairly long for this type of game.

4Sh0w1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

>>Great looking game

Good >>Preview >>fixed.

Reading his impression of the game it indeed sounds really hard, I just hope its "hard" in a good way vs too many cheap deaths.

ic3fir31369d ago

the longevity of the game is about 10 hours, said by producers

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Bathyj1369d ago


I dont know much about this game but its definitely a title that caught my eye right away with its art style and I would love to play it. Interested in seeing how this turns out. Hope its great.

llMurcielagoll1368d ago

This is a game I cannot wait to play. I wish it could come out sooner.

Fro_xoxo1368d ago

It'll be released on the 11th of March.

llMurcielagoll1368d ago

Not too far off... Worth the wait.