PS4 Exclusive The Order 1886’s Direct Feed Screenshots Show Masterful World Design and Environments

One of the most interesting things about The Order: 1886 is doubtlessly the design of its world, providing an eerie vision of an alternate Victorian London designed with an attention to detail that borders on the crazy.

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SaveFerris1278d ago

Looking forward to the release of the game and my Limited Edition copy to arrive a day or so after.

starchild1278d ago

Nice. I can't wait for the 20th. The game looks fun and I love the setting and atmosphere. It's also just incredibly gorgeous.

ArchangelMike1278d ago

How come it's arriving a day or two after? I really hate waiting for games to arrive in the post, especially when they miss the release day delivery.

SaveFerris1277d ago

I choose the free delivery option and it always arrives a day or so after release date (for me at least).

TheSuperior 1278d ago

I think this looks amazing. I cant wait to give the game a try :)

Abriael1278d ago

Tomorrow morning for me. Fingers are itching :D

JamieLeeC931278d ago

Friday can't come soon enough for me. I know this game will be awesome!

thekhurg1278d ago

What's the embargo date/time on your review?

fenome1278d ago


the embargo lifts on the 18th

akurtz1278d ago

Can't wait for my collectors edition!

Maxor1278d ago

Masterful world design= random street in a level centric game. Just another day at the N4G fanboy HQ. If this game is an open world game like Skyrim or GTA 5 then yes, that's best in class right there.

Allsystemgamer1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

So it has to be open world to be a work of art? What kind of nonsense is that. A crazy amount of work went into the level design

Ciporta19801278d ago

some of us actually hate the current obsession with making every game open world. In the majority of cases making a game open world is a bad move.

DigitalRaptor1278d ago

Dark Souls II is under 1 hour with proof:

The Order: 1886 is 5 hours if you play on Easy mode, and if you quite literally rush through every level without achieving all the gameplay goals, such as exploration and collecting items. That part of the game is equally as valid as the shooting sections.

For a normal gamer who appreciates what developers pour into their games in every nook and cranny, then the game is easily 9-10 hours.

And nobody really cares about your trolling attempts anymore. The game is of a ridiculous quality, and we're all still getting what is going to be an amazing story-driven action/adventure game. That we can replay the story as much as we want, just like real gamers always have done. ;)

smoothop1278d ago

Stop comparing speed runs to the YouTube play through of the order, its just silly. Speed running is totally different. Speed running games is highly competitive, glitches and game breaking techniques are often used, its a totally different way of playing games. Most people wouldn't be able to speed run a game to be honest, it takes a lot of skill and dedication, especially at a high level. You have to know a game inside out to truly speed run it, which actually means you'd pour plenty more hours into the game than most people.

marlinfan101278d ago

He didn't do a speed run though, didn't even rush through. Just because he didn't sit there and spend a half hour looking through every room doesn't mean he sped through it. He played just like any average person playing would play through it

Allsystemgamer1278d ago

He's skipping everything. I'm now over 10 hours and not done. Stop the drivel.

OUROSMAG1278d ago

The game can be completed in 5 hours. If you rush and skip cutscenes... who cares.

guyman1277d ago

Ag shame, Dark, are you that jealous of the game?

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The story is too old to be commented.