Ranking the 16 Legend of Zelda games from worst to best

Digital Spy:
With the remake of N64's Majora's Mask hitting 3DS this week, we thought it would be a good time to look back at Nintendo's iconic Legend of Zelda series, ranking the 16 core games from worst to best.

The Digital Spy gaming team debated long and hard before finally deciding on an order. But what came top?

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Randostar1195d ago

FAIL. It ranked Spirit Tracks as the Worst Zelda, and Zelda 2 as the 11 best.

INTOmyMOUTH1195d ago

Felt same way. Might as well put both Oracle games together despite one being action and the other puzzle focused. Links awakening is one of my favorites but passing skyward sword is just ridiculous.

robparko1195d ago

Spirit Tracks was flawed in a few ways, so I have to disagree. The train travel that is mentioned in the article, and the horrendous flute controls made it the most tedious Zelda game ever, in my opinion.

3-4-51194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Yea Mega Fail....Spirit Tracks has some of the best Legend of Zelda music of all time, plus outside of the stylus controls, it was a decent LoZ game.

Definitely not the worst....not even close.

The rest of the list is different but still a solid list.

DoomDash1194d ago

Spirit Tracks was terrible! I've been clearing the entire series this year and this is easily one of my least favorites. The towns were basically baron and boring, and the time spent on the train was AWFUL!!!!

But to be fair I liked it a whole lot more than frickin original Zelda.

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TheSuperior 1195d ago

Good list. its really a hard choice because so many of the Zelda games are so darn good haha :)

madcowz641195d ago

I say Majora and OoT are better than Windwaker, not by much but that's just me.

paddy951195d ago

Oot has the best sound track. Just like Mario 64 has the best of the mario games. They were really on a roll with the music on the N64.

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