Rayman Leak is Fake - Interview w/ the Creator

So apparently the Rayman Smash. Bros leak was an elaborate fake. We sat down with the creator of the fake, Artsy Omni, to discuss why he created it, how he pulled it off, and his thoughts on everyone's reaction to this news.

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yewles11369d ago

These kinds of people are almost a sad kind of stereotype nowadays.

wonderfulmonkeyman1369d ago

Good lord, that was a well-done fake. Had some people believing it was real due to how quickly vids were taken down.XD

Ninte1369d ago

We only saw the person high lighting the rayman picture and it never went to game play.

Kalebninja1369d ago

ok I really hate him but that deserves some respect because that's pretty amazing.

AWBrawler1369d ago

I was telling everybody on twitter it was fake. Why go but not pick him and show gameplay?

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