Exclusive Games for New 3DS are Bad for Business

It's always painful when you have to buy a whole new console to play games, especially if you've just gotten the last one recently, but could this move be as bad for business as it is for gamer's wallets?

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ValKilmer1399d ago

I'm just happy I can experience the greatness that is Xenoblade Chronicles 3D in the way god intended: with two analog sticks.

-Foxtrot1399d ago

If you want to call that tiny little thing a second analogue's more like a stick made for Ant Man.

ValKilmer1399d ago

Any stick made for Paul Rudd is OK with me.

Vegamyster1399d ago

It feels exactly like those mouse nubs on old laptops, for accuracy its not that great but for camera controls its perfectly fine.

superchiller1399d ago

You mean one analog stick and one cheesy little pencil eraser nub. Not "two analog sticks" at all.

Leave it to Nintendo to come up with yet another half-assed "upgrade", they've done it many times in the past.

telekineticmantis1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Atleat they have R2 L2, the vita hypes you up, by having FPS &3PS games, until you get them, and realize you can't play them.

BitbyDeath1399d ago

Two sticks are much more important for FPS games. Looking and aiming you know.

Brazz1399d ago


Have ya played killzone or something like destiny in remote play on vita? no? because the thing work very well, Psvita shoulder and touch do a good job, and the back is tricky, but ya can get used to it.

Vegamyster1399d ago


Pretty much, the only FPS on the 3DS I've seen is Moon Chronicles which is a Eshop game.

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3-4-51399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

If the was a new Vita that was powerful enough to play all PS3 games ( not stream), the media and everyone would be all over it.

More hating on Nintendo just to bash Nintendo.

The Nub is works really well actually, but it's from a time when most people were actually smart.....the 90's.

At 12 years old I could figure out how to use dated and lesser nubs, and you people NOW, can't figure out how to use a nub that is obviously more technologically advanced than something from the 90's ?

You can't figure out what a 12 year old from the 90's could ?


mixelon1399d ago

I remember using nubs pre-trackpads too. Laptops had either trackballs, nubs or both.

That was a really weird blast from the past. :D

rainslacker1399d ago

lol @ people being smart in the 90's.:)

Anyhow, those nubs were actually quite good for moving the mouse around. I actually like them better than the touch pads used nowadays for precision, but find the touchpads much more functional and versatile.

Anyhow, for anyone wondering, who's never used a nub, just glide the finger over it, no pressing needed. They're quite sensitive and accurate.

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bacrec11399d ago

Wow i didn't know about the exclusivity. Pretty bummed about that.

Summons751399d ago

Why, the only reason Xeno 3D can be played on the N3DS is because its more powerful. How dare Nintendo give us better experiences because the 3ds was maxed out.

Hoffmann1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

This is one of the (smaller) reasons why I stopped buying Nintendo hardware years ago.

Mykky1399d ago

What? Because Nintendo gives out a single old wii game as a exclusive to the new 3ds system?
"why I stopped buying Nintendo hardware years ago." I can't recall them doing something like this before so would you care to elaborate?

mezati991399d ago

Dude you gotta admit, Nintendo games are so fcking amazing, on the other hand Nintendo management is some of the worst i've seen in this industry

Mykky1399d ago

I'll admit that I don't support them giving out five different versions of the 3ds (also the ordinary DS) and also making game(s) exclusive to one. But I also did not support Sony for making all those different PSPs and also excluding a bunch of games for the PSP Go.
But I don't get Hoffmann's point is all.

rainslacker1399d ago

All those different PSP's? Wasn't it just the PSP GO and the original PSP with some hardware revisions? AFAIK the only major feature that changed on the regular PSP was they added a TV out, which didn't effect games. Everything else was mostly cosmetic.

Otherwise, I don't support making a new console in the same line as what is currently out. It divides the user base, and the older versions tend to get phased out by the manufacturer as they'd prefer to push new hardware. Sega did this a lot with add on products, and it never gained support, and eventually led to Sega having to lead the console business. Nintendo should have just gone all the way and released a new console with backwards compatibility.

Hoffmann1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Like I wrote, it is only one of the smaller reasons. Hardware which is a gen behind the competition, the shrinking third party games support, controllers I don't like to buy , stuff like gba games on wii U but not the 3ds are a few other reasons.

And last but not least, there are not many Nintendo games I care about anymore and don't want to buy a hardware for only 5-10 games

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mikel10151399d ago

People act like every new game is new 3ds exclusive. It's only Xenoblade Chronicles because the original couldn't handle it. Only one game.

Vegamyster1399d ago

All of it depends how many more will be exclusives to the new system, i don't see Xenoblades as a big issue since it's also available on the Wii/Wii-U but if games from their core series or new AAA Ip's ended up being exclusive then that's a big issue. Considering the install base of the current 3DS i can't see them doing that though, the DSi had 5 exclusives i think which i can't even name lol.

PixelGateUk1399d ago

I'd wait until new 3DS sales figures roll in before people right Nintendo off (yet again, for the 9473273th time). Majority of people i know have already upgraded, my self included.

With trade in deals, it's not too bad of a price point for what is a decent system. I can see why people would be fussed though.

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